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These $28 podiatrist-approved 'comfortable and awesome' clogs will be your new go-to shoes

The top-rated shoes have over 22,000 five-star reviews — shoppers say they love them more than Crocs

We all know the annoying and time-consuming routine: lace up the sneakers, run out to the mailbox, go back inside and take off the sneakers. And then three hours later again lace up the sneakers, fetch the dog from the backyard, go back inside and take off the sneakers. Who wants to continually bend down and tie their shoes or fiddle with straps? But flip-flops are flimsy and not warm enough when the temperature drops. We don't need that aggravation! It's time to grab a pair of shoes that slip right on, don't look ridiculous and, most importantly, are comfortable as all get out. We give you Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs.

These clogs offer a bunch of clever design features: mini massaging bumps in the footbed to gently caress your feet; drainage holes to ensure water won’t get trapped inside; and a non-slip sole for stability and safety.

$28 at Amazon

Available in 11 colors, ranging from classic black and white to brights like blue and red, these clogs have amassed more than 22,000 five-star reviews, as well as rave feedback from medical professionals.

“They’re wide and accommodative in the toe box area,” New York City board-certified podiatrist Dr. Polina Zaydenberg tells Yahoo Life. “They also look really breathable.” One word of caution? Dr. Zaydenberg suggests wearing socks with the shoes, as friction from the material could cause blisters.

It's true that Amoji clogs are the perfect shoes for putting around the yard or on the beach, but shoppers report rocking them in all kinds of interior and exterior spaces, and all seasons. That said, the majority of reviewers refer to them as their go-to house shoes.

“Better than Crocs,” says a fan. “Softer material.... I’m hooked! Everyone I asked who hates the look of Crocs said they’d wear these bad boys.”

If anyone suggests to you that these all-purpose clogs aren't as good as that other, well-known brand, tell 'em that's a crock! (Amazon)

The choice of healthcare pros

Health professionals spend their entire day on their feet, so if they say a shoe is comfortable, we believe it. “Perfect fit,” one nurse shared. “Look very cute with my nurse scrubs. Going to order more colors. Very comfortable.”

The clogs even turned a doctor’s head. “I bought these clogs for my husband,” said a shopper. “They were the best thing I could have bought him. He wears them all the time. He wore them while visiting my uncle in the hospital. A doctor on staff asked where he got them — he wanted info so he could get them.”

A third chimed in: “I love these shoes. I primarily use these to go to and from work. I work in an ambulance and don’t like to wear my work shoes...home. These are great to keep my feet cool after long days.”

Super comfortable

Nearly all shoppers raved about the comfort. One wrote: “I love these clogs — they are really comfortable and awesome. I have plantar fasciitis, and since I started wearing these the pain is almost gone!”

“Love these shoes,” another shopper gushed. “I have several very comfortable pairs of shoes from other brands — similar but three to four times more expensive. But I love these and only wear the others if the occasion requires a less casual shoe. I hate taking these off. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn...I'm ordering a second pair today.”

Easy to clean

Whether you trekked through dirt, spilled some coffee or decided to don these while doing yard work, the Amoji clogs are a snap to clean. Just add water (cue the hose!).

“I have clay soil that sticks to everything, so I needed shoes that were easy to wash,” one shopper shared. “These are it. I can rinse them off with a hose and they are good to go within minutes. They dry super quick also. Very comfortable.”

“I’ve been looking for a decent gardening shoe, and this one fits just right,” another added. “Comfortable and lightweight and easy to clean. I might just buy a separate pair to use around the house instead of my old slippers.”

A third noted: “These are great garden shoes. They fit my wide feet comfortably and are easy to clean up after a muddy day in the yard.”

Some shoppers did share one minor setback in the clog's design, though. "The only con is that small items like wood mulch, pebbles, etc. often fall into the holes of the clog," one shopper wrote. The same reviewer added, though, that this is "definitely not a deal breaker."

They also come in 11 colors ranging from classic black and navy to bolder hues and red and purple. Women's sizes range from 6 to 15.

$28 at Amazon

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