There's a New Kind of Blueberry in Stores Now

Grab a pint while they last.

<p>Betterful Farms/Allrecipes</p>

Betterful Farms/Allrecipes

When you visit the grocery store, it’s not hard to see the distinct separation between regular and organic produce. Organic items are often on separate shelves with colorful green tags. But what makes organic produce different?

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), organically grown food only uses natural pesticides and fertilizers. Organic produce must also undergo organic certification and is subject to an annual review to ensure it meets the standards of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

AC Foods, the growers behind Sumo Citrus (the delicious, seedless hybrid of navel oranges, pomelos, and mandarins), is raising the bar when it comes to organic farming and sustainability. The company has unveiled its next environmentally-conscious creation—a berry that the brand says is better tasting and healthier for the environment.



Betterful blueberries are grown using regenerative farming practices, which AC Foods says makes for a superior product. Regenerative farming aims to create systems that are mindful of conservation and seek to balance the natural environment and food production.

AC Foods believes that high-nutrient soil creates a better-tasting blueberry. In addition to the soil quality, the company ensures its product is stored promptly and delivered quickly so the berries arrive at stores in the freshest state possible.

According to its website, the company invests in native pollinator habitats to create more plentiful harvests, works to conserve energy, and has a goal of becoming zero waste in the coming years.

Betterful Blueberries are sold at select locations of Whole Foods, Sprouts, Oliver’s Market, NewLeaf, and more. They’re only available from April to September during the growing season, so grab a pint or two for your morning smoothie or blueberry muffin before they’re gone.

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