Therabody Theragun Pro Gen 5: What's New in 2022

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Fitness fans, recovery addicts and seekers of peak performance roll up. The new Theragun Pro is here.

Not familiar? Allow us to introduce you to percussive therapy – i.e. pummeling massage teamed with powerful vibrations designed to improve circulation, aid mobility and loosen up tight muscles and fascia.

This science-backed method can be used to soothe sore muscles after workouts, with the increased blood flow provoking faster recovery, relieving pain and lessening DOMS. Win, win, win.

Massage guns are leading the charge in percussive therapy, with Therabody's Theragun the most recognisable and iconic on the market. The latest version – the Gen 5 – comes with the most comprehensive list of upgrades yet, and thankfully without a price hike.

Theragun Pro Gen 5: What’s New?

For the same price as previous models (£549), the newest member of the Theragun family comes with a host of impressive features, plus all the circulation-boosting, natural-recovery-aiding, massaging goodness you’d expect.

  • Screen with built-in guided routines and app connectivity

  • Data feedback chip

  • A stronger (but 20% quieter) motor

  • 6 attachments, including a new silicone micropoint

  • Fast USB-C charging

  • 150 minutes of battery life

  • 5 speeds, from 1750-2400 percussions per minute

  • Sustainable packaging using 85% less plastic

Theragun Pro Gen 5 Screen

Easily the standout upgrade is the new high-res OLED screen. Mounted on the handle of the Theragun (so you don't have to peer at an app), it features 4 built-in routines, including sleep, warm up and recovery guides. Plus it connects to the Therabody app via Bluetooth, for personalised routines too.

Theragun Pro Gen 5 Attachments and Their Uses

Along with the Theragun itself, in the box you'll also find a USB-C cable and adapter, a case for the Theragun and a pouch for the six included attachments:

  • Standard BallThe OG, this is a rounded head with a little give, for general use all over the body.

  • DampenerSlightly softer than the standard ball and with a larger surface area, for use on tender areas or near bones.

  • WedgeA firm tapered edge to get deep into shoulder blades or the IT band.

  • ThumbWhen what you really need is the targeted pressure of a thumb digging into gnarly knots. No willing friend to hand? This is the next best thing, and it can last longer.

  • Supersoft – Gone too hard? Ideal for tender areas as well as joints and bones, the foam on this attachment is removable and machine washable.

  • MicropointPossibly our favourite attachment, the head of the micropoint is covered in flexible silicone spikes for increased stimulation.

Therabody has also announced that an upgraded Theragun Mini will be available to buy later this Autumn, so watch this space.

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