The low impact workout that anyone can do

Watch: 1Sculpt's Jeannine and Nathalie lead a low impact workout as part of a six-part workout series

Not every workout has to be 100 miles per hour, and this one takes it down a gear, giving you a low impact routine that's great if you have an injury - or you don’t want to annoy the downstairs neighbours!

Twin sisters, Jeannine and Nathalie have over 20 years of experience between them and they’re keen for everyone to experience their love of working out! Not everyone loves a high-energy HIIT workout however, which is where their impact workout comes in.

“You're staying close to the ground, but you're still working your total body,” explains Jeannine.

She continues: “Low impact workouts are effective and great for those who want to avoid putting stress on to their joints.”

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Great for all fitness levels, the workout contains four exercises. Each exercise is just 30 seconds long, followed by a 25-second break.

If injury is the reason you’ve been avoiding high impact classes, the twins also suggest trying to incorporate other low-impact exercise into your schedule

“Exercise doesn't have to be high impact and jumping,” says Nathalie.

“Walking or cycling are great low impact exercise. We often jump in the car for short journeys - try switching this up and walk instead. Or maybe plan a daily walk, it doesn't have to be long.”

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While many of us have started working out at home since the pandemic hit, it can be hard to motivate yourself if you’re normally used to joining an exercise classes or going to the gym.

Natalie suggests, if the local rules around COVID-19 in your area allow, to grab a partner as they can be really motivating!

“Working out together makes it so much more fun and - dare we say – competitive!” she says.

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“You have a buddy to get though the parts of the workout that you may have given up if on your own – it gives you that extra boost.”

One study by Kansas State University found that those people who exercised with a buddy actually increased their workout time and intensity by a whopping 200%!

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The twins, who run 1Sculpt studio, have had to adapt their business during the pandemic to offer online classes. This last few months has taught them that routine is essential when it comes to a home workout.

“The one thing that is most important is routine - nail that and your half-way there,” they wrote on their Instagram account.

“You don’t have to have loads of equipment or lots of space to get that workout in. If anything, the last six months has taught us is that a chair, some bottles of water and using your own body weight are perfect tools for a home workout.”

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