The Life Edit: What are the best beauty bargains?

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There's a lot of podcasts out there - so what listeners need is an edit. A podcast that boils down all our interests into funny, informative and useful episodes, specially curated to cover everything fascinating about life.

Well, your luck is in, as that's exactly what The Life Edit Podcast does. each week, Lifestyle editor Flic chats to one of Yahoo's experts about a different topic - and this time, we're all about bargain beauty. 

Flic and Yahoo's shopping editor Sabrina reveal the beauty bargs they can't live without - and ask whether you really do get what you pay for. 

Top view of set of assorted tools and products for makeup application placed near shiny glitter on pink background
We'll take the lot, please. (Getty Images)

Flic reveals that she's a 'low rent' beauty buyer, and Sabrina explains why certain products magically appear in her cupboard. 

Plus, what does post-pandemic beauty look like, and what are the absolute make-up essentials we can't live without? Sabrina and Flic are here to thrash it out and sort your make-up bag, whether it's A-list or Aldi.

They also take a look at one of the world's most expensive skincare products and whether it's really worth taking out a mortgage for it, and Flic discusses the dangers of midlife make-up.

From desert island cosmetics to how to look good on Zoom without resembling a Halloween mask, and the 'secret success' brand that won't break the bank to teenage make-up memories, this is an episode beauty-lovers won't want to miss. 

Funny, insightful and very honest, The Life Edit has all the interesting parts of life, with none of the boring bits.

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