The five-star Christmas bedding hack your guests will love

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Triple sheeting will give you instant five-star feels. (Getty Images)

All being well, Christmas is still going ahead this year - and so far, that means guests are welcome. But a perfect storm of changing rules, longing to see each other and, er storms, means you may not know exactly how many extra souls you're hosting overnight during the festive season.

And when you've a house full of random friends and relations, inevitably, making up enough beds can mean deploying the 37 year old single Batman duvet cover and the bobbly one that the cat once gave birth on. But needs must!

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Most of us can't afford to buy a new set of Egyptian cotton for every possible sleepover permutation - a fact proven by the brilliant twitter thread started by comic Rhodri Marsden in 2011. Now, every Christmas Eve, people use the hashtag #duvetknowitschristmas to highlight the hilarious horror of their temporary sleeping arrangements, from Purple Ronnie duvet covers to My Little Pony pillowcases.

"No, this is fine, honestly, merry Christmas..." (Getty Images)
"No, this is fine, honestly, merry Christmas..." (Getty Images)

But, what if instead of being amusingly Twitter-shamed, you could dazzle your unexpected (or expected) guests with five-star hotel vibes? Turns out you don't have to invest in Diptyque candles and floral arrangements, you just need a bunch of clean sheets.

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Triple sheeting is the latest boutique hotel hack, that saves time and money, and looks and feels luxurious on any shape or size of bed. It also means you won't get lost inside the duvet cover, desperately feeling for the corners as you wave your arms like a Victorian ghost.

Converts say it takes around a third of the time it takes to put on a duvet cover, too.

Here's how to go from duvet zero to bedding hero, in the time it takes to say "there's a spare T shirt in the drawer."

You need:

A fitted sheet

A flat sheet

A duvet

a top sheet (or decorative bedspread.)

Chic Christmas beds are possible - no matter how many guests you have. (Getty Images)
Chic Christmas beds are possible - no matter how many guests you have. (Getty Images)

1 Put the fitted sheet on the mattress. (Did you know the tag on the sheet should go on the bottom right hand corner of the bed? Now you do.)

2 Place the flat sheet over the top, aligned with the top of the mattress. Smooth it out.

4 Lay the duvet over it, about 6 inches down from the top of the mattress.

5 Place the top sheet/bedspread over it, aligned with the top of the mattress

6 Fold the top sheet flap over the duvet, so it lies under the top of the duvet and over the flat sheet underneath.

7 Fold the top of the bottom flat sheet back over the duvet and top sheet.

8 Fold both layers back six inches and smooth down.

9 Tuck all the bedding under the mattress at the bottom and pull loose at the sides.

10 Add pillows, and climb in.

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