The Breast Pump Selfie Craze Continues As Another Celebrity Posts A Candid Snapshot

Alison Coldridge
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Forget the ‘brelfie’ (that’s breastfeeding selfie, to you and I), the new parenting trend on the block is the breast pump selfie. Yep, somehow celebrity mums are managing to make expressing milk look sexy.   

Anyone who’s ever pumped milk will know that it’s possibly the least glamorous mum duty you could do, but somehow celebville has turned it into something fabulous.

And we’re definitely not complaining. It’s great to see more mums in the public eye normalising every aspect of breastfeeding – including the pumping part. It shouldn’t be something that’s hidden away and done quietly in a corner.

Doutzen pumps publically [Doutzen Kroes / Instagram]

It all started when model Doutzen Kroes posted a pic of herself pumping milk on her Instagram page last month. The 30-year-old former Victoria’s Secret star uploaded the black and white snapshot to promote breastfeeding and raise awareness.

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian was up next, sharing a photo of herself hooked up to a double breast pump while celebrating her 36th birthday in Las Vegas.

The mum of three went for a seductive pose to prove that a woman with breast pumps strapped to her CAN look sizzling. Who knew?

Kourtney's another celeb mum who is fairly open about her breastfeeding experiences [Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian]

And now the trend’s come over the pond. British TV presenter Julia Bradbury is the latest famous face to share a breast pump pic.

The former 'Countryfile' presenter took to her Twitter account to share the photo, which shows her expressing milk in the car while on the go. “You can’t waste a moment when you’re breast feeding (back of the car) #expressyourself. Dignity out the (car) window,” the new mum wrote.

Other celebrity mums may not be inclined to share breast pump selfie photos with their fans, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not doing their bit to normalise breastfeeding – and everything that comes with it.

Mum of one Scarlett Johansson got everyone talking after a source revealed to Hollywood Life that she took her breast pump to the Oscars in February and used it backstage before presenting an award. As if we needed any more reason to love her.

Blake Lively’s another new mum who has shared her breast pump experiences with the world. The mum recently spoke out about the issues that come when she doesn’t have time to pump. She revealed that her breasts swell throughout the day – leading to a number of outfit changes.

And Dawn O’Porter used Twitter to reveal that she’s not shy about pumping. “Home now to pump my boobs,” the vintage fashion expert tweeted after her Covent Garden pop-up shop’s launch party. “That top got TIGHT!”

Even celebrities who aren’t breastfeeding themselves are supporting those that are. Jane Fonda’s been advocating for breast pumping on the set of her new Netflix Comedy, ‘Grace and Frankie’. When Fonda’s co-star June Diana Raphael was hired for the show, she was in the midst of breastfeeding her newborn and was late to the series’ first table read because she was tied up with pumping.

But the actress told Huffington Post Live that Fonda made sure she had all the support she needed. “It’s very hard in the workplace to get time from your employers to pump and to do it in a sanitary and safe environment, so I found on set that Jane was really an ally for me in terms of getting what I needed – I needed to stop working every three hours and pump breastmilk,” says Raphael.

“And that was a women’s issue, that was a health issue, that was an issue for many reasons. So having her, this iconic activist, in my corner and being one of my bosses was incredible and really helpful.”

Even more reason to LOVE Jane Fonda [Getty]

While all of the above examples show great progress in dissolving the taboo that comes with publically breastfeeding – and talking about it – we still have great lengths to go.

This goes above and beyond the ‘breast is best’ notion; it’s not about shouting that breastfeeding should be how women feed their babies but about getting everyone used to the fact that if a mum does choose to breastfeed, she should be supported in it – not shunned for it.

Would you ever share a breastfeeding selfie – or breast pump selfie – on social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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