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The Bissell vacuum people call a 'powerhouse' is just $59, plus more great deals

Clean your house, take care of your skin and entertain yourself with the best TV and music this weekend — all with these products you can score on sale. (Amazon/Walmart)
Clean your house, take care of your skin and entertain yourself with the best TV and music this weekend — all with these products you can score on sale. (Amazon/Walmart)

Weekends are for shopping, and we like to count Friday as the kick-off to all the best deals. Today, you can score a top-selling Bissell vacuum one shopper said "outperformed a brand new Shark" for just $59. If you're looking to treat yourself to some serious self care though, you may want to check out our favorite snail mucin hydrating essence that's nearly 20% off (just trust us), this painless laser hair removal device that's over $30 off or this popular massage gun to help you get out all the knots and kinks (now just $19!). Looking to sleep in? This cooling comforter is now just $60 (56% off). Tech is dropping in price too: You can score a pair of Apple AirPods for just $89 or Sony's Noise-Canceling Over-The-Ears Wireless Headphones for just under 100 bucks. Plus, catch up on all your favorite shows with Amazon's Fire TV Stick (it's the lowest price it's been all year!). There are so many good deals going on right now — hopefully today is pay day.

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Don't let this lightweight vacuum fool you — shoppers say it's a "powerhouse." And it's popular, too. Just since yesterday, over 1,000 people have bought it! The vac's Helix dirt separation system helps keep filters fresh and new for longer, and five height settings allow cleaning on almost any surface. Plus, its bagless, large-capacity dirt tank holds enough debris that you can clean the whole house without having to stop to empty it.

"I love this vacuum. It sucks up everything, and when I mean everything, it will suck the carpet up," said one impressed customer. "I have little kids and they dirty up everything. My last vac I had, which was a Dirt Devil, didn't operate this well. Definitely would recommend!"

"If I could, I would give this item 10 stars!" said another. "I couldn't believe what it picked up! Amazing! Pet hair and kids' mess! I can breathe better already!"

Pet owners say it works on hair, too. "For the price, I couldn’t believe the power. I picked up two full canisters of sand and dog hair from my carpet that was missed completely by my previous vacuum. I’m so glad it broke and Walmart had this on sale. It was easy to assemble, easy to use and only $59."

$59 at Walmart

These top selling earbuds have hundreds of thousands of perfect ratings, thanks to their clear, rich sound quality, 24-hour battery life and convenient cord-free design. Plus, of course, they're Apple, so they're easy to use and connect easily to any of your other Apple devices. 

One loyal fan said: "I’ve had these for four years now. I use them almost every day and they still work perfect and sound great. Battery life isn’t what it used to be but still lasts a long time. If mine ever die, I’ll immediately buy another pair."

Check out our roundup of the best wireless earbuds for more. 

$89 at Amazon

This soap uses a blend of kojic acid, vitamin C, collagen, retinol, turmeric and more skin-loving ingredients to help fade the look of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It can also help balance skin's texture, minimize scarring and may even turn back the clock on sun damage.

"My face is bright and dark spots from sun damage are almost gone!" raved one Amazon reviewer. "I no longer wear foundation or even a powder! My skin has never looked better and I am 59! My chest had some sun damage and it is disappearing before my eyes. I have been using it for months and every time I shower/wash my face it seems even better than before."

$20 at Amazon

If summertime coincides with your doors being left open and bugs inviting themselves in, well, you're not alone. This indoor fly trap can help you get rid of flies, gnats, moths and more, and it covers up to 400 square feet. All you do is place a glue card inside, plug it in and that's it. You can rotate it to fit any outlet, and since the glue cards are located in the back, you won't have to stare at a bunch of dead bugs. Have kids or pets? This indoor fly trapper does not use any insecticides, so it doesn't pose any health risks either.

"I live in an area that seems to be impossible to keep bugs out of the house," explained one impressed shopper. "I noticed a huge difference in the amount of bugs overnight. It was like magic. I went to bed and woke up having to change the sticky pad because it was full of everything from fruit flies to moths. I had no idea there were that many in my house. It was gross, but it just showed its worth incredibly fast."

$14 at Amazon
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$18 at Walmart$19 at Ace Hardware

OK, don't freak out, but snail mucin is the substance snails secrete when they move. It's a mucus-like protein that contains multiple compounds — including collagen, elastin and glycolic acid — that experts have long considered beneficial for human skin. This essence (serum) contains snail mucin and it has over 62,000 five-star reviews, many of whom rave about how hydrated and bright their skin feels after use.

Our own beauty editor was skeptical, but tried it and said: "I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin's texture within the first day and even more so after two weeks. My skin was more supple, my fine lines appeared less deep and my face appeared generally more even and had a sort of glow."

$14 at Amazon

This massage gun (also called a percussive massage device) can treat pain caused by exercise, chronic issues or even sitting in the same position at your desk for too long. To use, simply float the massage gun over your body’s areas that need treatment, gradually applying pressure as needed. This massaging will help increase blood flow to support your body’s natural recovery process. This one has 30 adjustable speed levels and six detachable heads so you can get the perfect massage every time. 

"Everything feels better," said one shopper. "I purchased the massage gun to relieve pain in my leg. Since I have received it, I not only work on leg pain, I also use it on my neck and lower back. It sits beside me at my TV spot so in the evenings, I put it to work while I watch my favorite show."

$26 at Amazon

Upgrade your TV with a new Amazon Fire TV Stick while it's 45% off — the lowest price it's been so far this year! In addition to helping you stream all your favorite shows and movies from apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and more, it can offer a sharper picture quality. This device has collected close to 400,000 five-star reviews on Amazon over the years, so it's safe to say customers like it. 

"Just picked up this latest version of the Firestick at a discount," said one tech wiz. "Very nice, faster, smoother, cool. We realized why it is so important to use the latest Firestick version: Improved performance, upgraded hardware, faster processors and more memory."

$40 at Amazon
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$40 at Kohl's$40 at Lowe's

We would pay nearly anything for a great night's sleep, so $60 seems like a steal for this cooling comforter. The comforter features a "Japanese Arc-Chill cooling fabric," which the product description says can absorb your body heat, wick away moisture and reduce your skin's temperature by 2 to 5 ℃. For the dog days of summer ahead, give yourself the gift of a sweat-free sleep.

"I am so incredibly happy I bought this blanket. It's like always having the cool side of the pillow, but wrapped around your body," said one five-star fan. "I was the perfect temperature all night. The blanket feels soft and silky."

$127 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestseller has everything you need to target unwanted hair and keep it away, including a powerful IPA hair removal tool, sunglasses to protect your eyes and a razor for spot treatments. The Innza Laser Hair Removal with Ice Cooling Care Function uses IPL technology to blast hairs into oblivion with a 600-nanometer wavelength. It gets to work breaking the cycle of hair growth and killing the follicle that makes new hair. It's not immediate, but you should see smoother skin within 12 weeks.

"This device works!" said one woman who's built a routine. "I have been using it consistently for about two months now and already my bikini area is no longer growing back and my underarms and legs are exhibiting extremely slow and sparse growth. A month or two longer of consistent use and I believe I will have achieved professional results with this at home device!"

Save $32 with coupon
$63 at Amazon

These Sony headphones offer top-notch audio, noise-canceling abilities, hands-free calling and super cushy earcups. They're also super lightweight at just 7 ounces, which is nice for something that's going to be sitting on your head for a while. They also charge fast — 3 minutes of charging will give you up to an hour of listening time. However, once fully charged, they can deliver up to 35 hours of listening in total. Not too shabby!

Yahoo's tech editor says in his review: "In the WH-CH720N, Sony has crafted a lightweight, versatile, comfortable headphone that sounds superb and cancels noise with the best of them — all for a reasonable price."

$98 at Amazon

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