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The best air fryer we've ever tested is on sale for its lowest price ever

Ditch the hot oven this summer — this speedy Cuisinart air fryer won't heat up your kitchen.

Hving an air fryer makes it (almost as) easy to enjoy your favorite foods in a more economical — not to mention healthier — way. There's no waiting half an hour for the oven to preheat and then subjecting yourself to a swampy kitchen during the summer. Plus, you can cook with little to no oil and have dinner on the table lickety split. With so many models on the market, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down. That's why we went in search of the best air fryers, and the Cuisinart 6-Quart Air Fryer — currently on sale at Amazon — was the one that wowed us the most.

We don't "wing" it here at Yahoo Life: We put 15 models to the test and awarded this one "Best Air Fryer Overall."

$150 at Amazon
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$150 at Wayfair$150 at Macy's

Why is it a good deal? 💰

At $120 (down from $150), this is as low as we've ever seen this air fryer marked down to, making it a worthwhile sale. Plus, the fact that it came out on top after we tested it alongside brands like Ninja, Breville, Philips — many of which cost more — speaks volumes about its functionality.

Why do I need this? 🤔

According to Yahoo Life writer Kristin Granero, who conducted the air fryer tests, the Cuisinart "boasts substantial cooking room, minimal required maintenance and an easy-to-master learning curve, all while looking non-clunky." She noted that the appliance arrived preassembled (no tools needed, hooray!) and that it came with easy-to-follow instructions and a recipe guide. So far, so good.

Another standout feature was its LED display, which has five cooking functions to choose from — air fry, roast, bake, broil and warm — as well as five preset options for popular foods like fries, wings, frozen snacks and vegetables. Who doesn't love a kitchen gadget that takes the guesswork out of cooking?

As for results, Kristin said, "We assessed the air fry function by making french fries, breaded chicken tenders, chicken wings and crab rangoons ... everything came out right on time in juicy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside fashion. ... While air-frying was the main focus of our test, we also tried our hands at several other functions: Our roasted chicken breasts, baked salmon and broiled steaks cooked to perfection."

Other cool components include its interior light and see-through doors, which allow you to keep an eye on your food while it cooks, as well as a "toss reminder" that'll alert you when it's time to flip your food in the basket. Oh, and speaking of the basket, this one is conveniently dishwasher-safe.

The Cuisinart air fryer on a counter surrounded by air-fried foods
An air fryer doesn't have to be an eyesore — take this one, with its sleek stainless steel design. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Yahoo Life editors aren't the only ones who approve of this air fryer — Amazon customers are eating it up too.

Pros 👍

"Just the right size and so quiet," raved one happy home cook. "Saves me money by not having to use my oven. It won't heat up my kitchen during the hot summer months and looks really expensive, but isn't. I recommend it."

"I was hesitant to join the air fryer club," admitted a convert. "Boy am I happy I did! ... I can get a healthy, delicious dinner on the table in minutes ... Fried chicken without the mess? Yes, please! ... And I love the window to watch the food without having to open the drawer."

"It is so much better than the one we had that died," said a third shopper. "The food has a better taste and is a lot more crisp. We absolutely love the broiler feature and have broiled hamburgers, beef steaks, pork steaks and salmon. They tasted like they had been grilled. The icing on the cake is that we can put the basket and crisper in the dishwasher!"

Cons 👎

"[The] only downside is it doesn't fit in any of my cabinets," wrote a generally pleased reviewer. "Without a walk-in pantry, storage might be an issue. Our solution was to store [it] on a shelf in the garage right off the kitchen for access — [it's] lightweight, so easy to move in/out of the kitchen."

"I have used this for about two weeks and it works perfectly," shared a final fan. "The only thing is the 'flip-over' reminder doesn’t buzz very loud. But I am happy with the product."

Chicken and veggies and fries, oh my!

$150 at Amazon
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$150 at Wayfair$150 at Macy's

Want to make cleanup even easier? Check these out:

Air-frying is super convenient until it's time to clean the tray. Take some of the work out by sticking one of these BPA-free silicone liners in before you cook; then, toss them into the dishwasher once you're done. So much easier than trying to scrape off caked-on residue. These fit air fryers with 5-quart capacities or more (they come in a smaller size too). 

"We make fries in the air fryer at least once a week," shared a user. "Plain or seasoned fries are easy, but adding other toppings makes a mess in the air fryer and looks sloppy when lifted out with tongs. No more! Cheese fries, chili fries, the silicone liner keeps the air fryer clean and your food looking good."

$10 at Amazon

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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