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The alarm clock Reba McEntire can't live without is on sale at Amazon for just $13

'It’s digital and has a night light, so when I walk into the bathroom at night, I know exactly what time it is,' said the Queen of Country.

While many of the 115 million people watching the "Kelce Bowl" last night had their eyes on Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce at any given moment, there were many reasons to take your eye off the ball (well, except that last quarter ... and then in overtime). One of those reasons is the Queen of Country. Reba McEntire absolutely dazzled the crowd when she belted out the National Anthem. Bright-eyed at center field, being that awake for any performance comes with some help. For Reba, it's the Peakeep Night Light Digital Alarm Clock.

Compact with a digital display, this portable clock has a night light and it can tell you what the temperature is in the room. 

$15 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Being wide awake for a productive day is priceless, and while we've seen this clock go on sale a few times, we don't expect the price to drop lower than it is right now. And not to be a bad news bear, we spring forward in a few weeks and you might want to prepare yourself with a reliable system to wake you up.

Why do I need this?

When performers have big events, the artists give the venue a list of the things they need to, shall we say, perform at their best. McEntire told New York magazine that this little alarm clock is on that list.

"It’s easy to turn on, adjust, and set the time, whether you want military time or standard time," she said. "My nieces and nephews or my next-door neighbor’s kids have come over to set up other clocks for me because they’re just too high-tech. I don’t like that. This one is very simple. It’s digital and has a night light, so when I walk into the bathroom at night, I know exactly what time it is."

In addition to the night light and digital display, the clock itself is battery-operated (read: great for power outages) and even shows the time you have your alarm set at. Another huge bonus: This baby tells you the temperature of the room.

We should all feel this awake when our alarms go off. (Getty/Amazon)
We should all feel this awake when our alarms go off. (Getty/Amazon)

What reviewers say

15,000 Amazon shoppers love this little alarm clock, too.

"Have you ever purchased a clock and you have to pull out the directions and your glasses to figure out how to use it? Heaven forbid the time changes," asked a five-star fan. "Not [with] this little guy. Numbers are big, the buttons are simple, simple to set time and alarm and the thing I like best, is it doesn't glow, and it doesn't beep. When you hit the button for backlight it is subtle, not wake you up bright light in your face."

"This alarm clock has a simple, easy-to-use design," shared a happy shopper. "I like that there are options for the backlight, so I can keep it dark at night. It’s a great alarm clock option if you’re trying to keep phones and other devices away from your nightstand. I surprisingly like that it is battery operated — it keeps the nightstand clear and allows for flexibility in location."

"I got tired of trying to use my phone as a middle of the night clock," wrote a rave reviewer. "I got this so I could just look at it without any searching or button mashing in the middle of the night. It solved that problem. It has a soft nightlight illumination. Very well made. Just a switch in the back has a strange feel to it. It works fine though."

The digital display has large numbers to make it easy to read and it's got subtle backlight so it doesn't blind you in the middle of the night. 

$15 at Amazon

And if you're prone to the chills, Reba's favorite vest is also on sale.

Sure, it's insulated with an eco-friendly filling, but the real stars of the show are the carbon fiber heating elements sandwiched inside of its wind- and water-resistant shell. These create four heating zones — in the left and right front areas, the upper back and the collar — that evenly spread warmth throughout the vest.

Save $35 with coupon
$135 at Amazon

"I've been researching heated vests for a year and finally went with this one based on reviews," shared a happy shopper. "I love it! I have Raynaud's and the warmth of the vest helps my circulation. Battery power lasts for hours and [the] vest is very comfortable."

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