The 14 Emojis That Should Exist (Because Brits Need Tea, Champagne & Cricket)

Julia White

We 💗 emojis a lot. But despite the range of cute little signs getting it 👌most of the time, we're often left a bit 😩 when they don't quite have what we need.

So we've been 💭 and 📝 and we've created 14 missing emojis that we reckon we want mainly because we're 🇬🇧 and like tea and bubbly.

So here you have them:

#1 Champagne Glasses
Because there are lots of times when you don't want one of these 🍸 or one of these 🍹or one of these 🍷 and because nothing else quite conveys celebration like bubbles.

#2 Confused Face
Because it's probably *THE* cyberspace face to end all others. And because this 😁overused awkward/big grin face just doesn't cut the mustard.

#3 Cupcake
Often there are times when neither a birthday cake 🎂 nor a slice 🍰 of Victoria Sponge are what we're craving. That's when the cupcake can really come into its own (with a face of its own too, obvs).

#4 Peanut Butter
Because PB is the answer to most of life's problems and therefore needs to be illustrated in pictoral form. Uses include: It's a PB kind of day/Get me some PB NOW/Meet me for some PB? etc.

#5 Middle Finger
The vast array of hand gestures (including 👍👎👌👊 simply don't cut it when you want to tell someone in the clearest way to SOD RIGHT OFF. OK a punch in the face might do it, but a good old-fashioned middle finger says something that no other signal can quite muster.

#6 Period
First of all it will probably explain why the middle finger was implemented, secondly it's a nice (and much more pleasant than other symbols we can think of) way of telling anyone you want to know to BACK OFF FOR A FEW DAYS OK?

#7 Cup Of Tea
We're sick of using the coffee ☕ (or even the Miso soup 🍵) to symbolise the need for a strong brew. They are very different things, needed at very different times of the day. Sorry to be so British about it but Tetley is a necessity in our Emoji dictionary.

#8 Cricket Bat & Ball
Football ⚽ + Tennis ball 🎾 doesn't entirely represent our range of British ball sports. And whilst we'd quite like a netball, at least a cricket bat and ball goes someway to broaden the options. Plus we reckon a it could also be used as an alternative weapon to a middle finger.

#9 Medal
Distributed for moments of genius where hashtag #winning would be applied. And for humble brags too.

#10 Weights
To indicate heading off to the gym and doing the odd weight lift. Even if just to make yourself look/feel better on social network statuses.

#11 Owl
No other reason other than it's been seriously lacking from the Emoji zoo. And it's very on trend right now (see cushions/mugs etc).

#12 Spider
Another missing animal from the digital menagerie which would come in quite handy. Especially at Halloween.

#13 Squirrel
Because it's a right cutie. Would have come into its own when Francis starred in this year's GBBO.

#14 The Vampire
Useful when referring to Robert Pattinson and all things Twilight.