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The 11 best kitchen deals to shop this week, according to a professional baker

Save up to 55% on top brands like Calphalon, Ninja, Cuisinart, Breville and more, thanks to these kitchen deals.

Kitchen deals: Calphalon knife set, Brita water filter pitcher, Cuisinart air fryer
Kitchen deals that'll have you saving on Cuisinart, Brita, Ninja and more? That gets a resounding, "Yes, Chef!" (Amazon)

Hey you, what's cookin'? Oh, I see — you haven't felt like turning on your stove because of the high temps. I hear ya! A stuffy kitchen is no fun, but that's why I'm happy to see things like air fryers, indoor grills and toaster ovens on sale here in midsummer. These appliances are ideal for warm-weather cooking because they heat up fast and won't make the house feel like a desert — and those are just a few of the best kitchen deals I'm seeing this week.

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As a former professional baker turned shopping writer, I seek out noteworthy sales on the daily to share with you. And because I have years of experience — both in the kitchen and hunting for deals — I know what makes a quality product, and how to spot a legitimately worthwhile price in a sea of overly exaggerated markdowns.

With that, how does our favorite Cuisinart air fryer on sale for one of its best prices of 2024 sound? Or a self-sharpening Calphalon 6-piece knife set that, at $80, is over 55% off? And there's more where those came from — happy saving (and savoring!).

We don't "wing" it here at Yahoo Life: We put 15 models to the test and awarded this one "Best Air Fryer Overall." 

According to Yahoo Life writer Kristin Granero, who conducted the tests, this one "boasts substantial cooking room, minimal required maintenance and an easy-to-master learning curve, all while looking non-clunky." Its LED display has five cooking functions to choose from — air fry, roast, bake, broil and warm — as well as five preset options for popular foods like fries, wings, frozen snacks and vegetables. Other cool components include its interior light and see-through doors, which allow you to keep an eye on your food while it cooks, as well as a "toss reminder" that'll alert you when it's time to flip your food in the basket. This is one of the best prices I've ever seen it marked down to — it only briefly dipped lower once. 

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$119 at Amazon

So, your outdoor space is too small for a grill, and you'd really like to avoid a house full of smoke — but you're still craving a nice char. This indoor grill sears proteins and veggies like a champ, but its smoke control system means you won't be breathing in soot while you cook. In addition to a grill plate, it comes with a flat-top griddle (smash burgers, anyone?) and you'll be able to fit up to six steaks at a time on its roomy cooking surface. Bonus: It comes with a food thermometer for accurate results every time, and you won't have to deal with mosquitoes, either. It rarely ever goes on sale for less than it is now. 

"I honestly like meat and poultry grilled on this better than on my outdoor grill," admitted a shopper. "I am able to control the temperature better. The meat is much juicier. It's just easier to use and I'm not standing outside in the heat in the summer. I love the griddle function. Boneless chicken breast is so tender and delicious like this! I was stunned!"

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$180 at Amazon

At 56% off, the slice is right when it comes to this popular set. If you could use one less thing to remember, go ahead and cross "sharpen knives" off your to-do list: These knives come housed in an attractive wooden block with slots that hone each blade every time you use them. 

The set includes an 8-inch chef's knife, a 6-inch utility knife, a 5-inch santoku knife, a 3.5-inch paring knife, kitchen shears and the aforementioned block. The triple-riveted handle is contoured to feel comfortable in your hand, allowing you to chop more confidently, and each tip is labeled so you'll know which knife you're reaching for. This is as low as we've seen this set in years. 

"Compact," wrote one five-star fan. "I love my new knife set. They are really sharp and look nice on my counter."

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$80 at Amazon

Using a filtered pitcher can help prevent you from drinking water that's laden with impurities. This popular, BPA-free Brita reduces copper, cadmium and mercury levels for better-tasting H2O, in addition to minimizing the taste and odor from chorine (ick). Its 6-cup capacity is on the smaller size, meaning it won't take up much room in your fridge, and it'll alert you when it's time to swap out the filter. At nearly 40% off, this is as good a price as we've seen.

"This water filter pitcher is perfect for my family of four," said a buyer. "It has saved us money because we no longer have to buy as many bottled waters. I was literally buying four cases of 48 bottles of water every two weeks, and now I'm only buying two cases. This is a must-have. It is easy to clean and the filter lasts two months. The flow rate is smooth. This pitcher fits perfectly in our refrigerator."

Save $10 with coupon
$16 at Amazon

Love ice-cold drinks? This machine will be your main "freeze" this summer and beyond. Many a TikToker has declared their love of this high-tech contraption, which produces irresistibly chewy nugget-style ice (or, "fancy ice," as one reviewer called it). Needless to say, it's a hot-ticket item, and while it dipped a little lower for Prime Day, it's exciting to see it marked down to its second-best price of 2024.

It can crank out 1.6 pounds per hour, or 38 pounds per day, according to the manufacturer. Plus, it can hold up to 3 pounds of ice at a time. That's a lot of really iced tea! Reviewers say the SmartHQ app, which can be used to schedule ice production, is user-friendly, and you can even pair it with Alexa and Google if you want to operate it via voice control.

"Absolutely love this little machine!" exclaimed one shopper. "Big fan of chewy ice, and after only enjoying it from the few restaurants and convenience stores that sell drinks with it, I finally have delicious chewy ice at home. Easy setup, and [I] quickly have enough ice to satisfy my family."

Save $180 with Prime
$499 at Amazon

These No. 1 bestselling containers are "clearly" doing something right if tens of thousands of shoppers gave them a perfect five-star rating. In addition to helping cut down on food waste, these bins allow you to group your food products and beverages by category for a more cohesive, easy-to-navigate fridge. Juice boxes, veggies, fruits, sauces, dressings — each can have its own designated space. Plus, if something happens to spill, it'll be contained in the bin, which is much easier to clean than an entire sticky fridge shelf.

This is close to the lowest price we've seen, so grab a few sets for your pantry and under your sinks too. Over 20,000 were purchased in the past month!

"Amazed at the difference these bins have made in my refrigerator and freezer organization and space," said a reviewer. "I have recently transitioned from a large French door refrigerator with lots of space to a side-by-side. I was very frustrated with the reduced space, and it was always a mess. Now, my clear bins are easy to organize and help me keep like-things together on both sides of the refrigerator."

Save $10 with coupon
$19 at Amazon

Faster food, cooler kitchen — this compact appliance is a no-brainer, especially during the warmer months when turning on your oven is the last thing you want to do. I've used it for everything from cakes and brownies to baked pasta and even roasted tofu and vegetables. 

It heats up in no time, plus it can fit a decent amount of food: six slices of toast, a 12-inch pizza or even a 4-pound chicken. The LED display has six functions: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Broil, Keep Warm and Reheat, and I'm positive it'll be getting a ton of use this summer. This is the lowest it's been since 2023. 

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$144 at Amazon

Bring your crispy, crunchy culinary dreams to life with this Walmart bestseller. It can roast, reheat and dehydrate, all in one machine — and with little to no oil. Plus, it's compact but can accommodate up to 2 pounds of fries in its basket. Eat your heart out, Mickey D's. (Psst: This price is better than Amazon's!)

"This air fryer is top-notch," raved a buyer. "I use it nearly every day. Better than heating my whole oven in summer. Reheats pizza slices in minutes. Perfect French fries. Crisps bread and rolls. Cleanup is a breeze. So glad I bought it."

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$59 at Walmart

Want to really up your at-home java game? You'll feel like you have a personal cafe right in your kitchen, thanks to this machine's 16 precision grind settings, and the digital temperature control helps ensure your latte comes out just right. There's also a steam wand for foaming milk, and the whole process, from grinding to brewing espresso, takes under a minute. At $200 off, this No. 1 bestseller is on sale for its best price of 2024.

"This product is terrific and exceeded my expectations," shared a caffeinated customer. "The machine is very easy to use and delivers a good quality espresso every time. The large water tank is a bonus, and the ability to adjust the grind size is just fantastic. I found it surprisingly easy to clean too. ... I'll definitely be saving money on buying coffee out for sure!"

$550 at Amazon

This sleek appliance might look like a million bucks, but it'll set you back just $20, thanks to this deal.

It's by Target's in-house kitchen line, which isn't often on sale, and features setting knobs on each side so you and your S.O. will be able to brown your toast to your liking at the same time. It also has a handy auto-shutoff feature, juuust in case. 

"This is a beautiful toaster!" swooned a user. "The matte finish is great because it doesn’t show drips or fingerprints. The pinstripe chrome adds a perfect touch of elegance. I toasted a roll and it turned out perfectly!"

$20 at Target

Butterfingers, unite! Stainless steel mixing bowls are where it's at for clumsy bakers like me, since they're shatterproof. What I love about this set is that each bowl comes with a lid — that way, if you're making, say, bread dough that needs to rise, you'll have a cover for it without having to waste plastic wrap. Plus, you'll be able to pop any leftovers right into the fridge, and at $4 per bowl, this is a steal. 

"They are so much lighter than my regular mixing bowls and so much easier to handle," said a home baker. "I used to feel I was jeopardizing my life whenever I took my ceramic bowls down. I highly recommend."

$20 at Walmart

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

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