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Walmart, Target, Best Buy are closed on Thanksgiving Day 2022 — but their online sales are on now

packages at front door
Some stores are closed for Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2022, but you can shop their online sales, many of which have started already. (Photo: Getty Images)

Wondering which stores are open on Thanksgiving Day 2022? A decent number of them have decided to take the holiday off, actually. Some retailers will open early on Black Friday, though, while others have announced they’ll stay closed for Black Friday.

It’s a lot to keep up with, but here’s the most important part: they all have incredible Black Friday deals online — and Cyber Monday too, of course. In a year marked by massive inflation and the aftershocks of an epic supply chain crisis, it's more crucial than ever to devise a smart strategy to maximize savings and really stretch your dollars this season. We gathered all the need-to-know info to save you money and time while you embark on the gift-shopping season.

Which stores are closed on Thanksgiving 2022?

The verdict is in: The following stores are closing their doors on Turkey Day, and a few are even taking off Black Friday. Let’s be grateful for the early online deals, though!


Closed on Thanksgiving, open at 5 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

Thousands of streaming channels, wifi and a high-def screen make this TV a great deal at any price.
$148 at Walmart
This noise-canceling over-the-ear model boasts a prodigious listening time — up to 30 hours of battery life — and quick-charging power, so you never have to plug back in
$228 at Walmart
Smart enough to go from carpets to hardwood without missing a beat. The anti-collision sensor will keep your table legs — and your own legs — unscuffed.
$119 at Walmart
This eco-friendly tree is made from a PVC material that keeps the branches uncrushed when the tree is packed away for the year. It will look full and lush every time you pull it out of storage.
$46 at Walmart
instax cameras are all the rage, so gift this to someone who loves photography, social media or simply documenting great times. It's a set that comes with a 10-pack of film, an album, a case, and frame stickers to dress up your pics for a holiday or birthday.
$55 at Walmart
The 2nd generation Nest Mini is a voice-controlled smart-home wonder and a Black Friday bestseller.
$48 at Walmart

Bed Bath & Beyond

Closed on Thanksgiving. Open at 6:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

This is one of the best early Black Friday deals we've found, on a popular air fryer by Power XL that's a perfect beginner unit for novices. Make no mistake: This appliance gets the job done, with 10 pre-programmed settings and a "turbo-charged whirlwind vortex of superheated hot air."
$50 at Bed Bath & Beyond
Whip up pro-level espressos, lattes and more in as little as 20 seconds with the touch of a button and Nespresso's stellar Centrifusion technology.
$168 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Buy

Closed on Thanksgiving, open at 9:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

This 4K Ultra HD TV is all about the vibrant colors! It uses something called Quantum Dot Color, which encompasses over one billion colors! Contrast, brightness and motion are enhanced, too. Built-in Roku lets you stream to your heart's content.
$500 at Best Buy
This is the first consumer laptop-to-tablet PC designed on the Intel Evo platform. It combines the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet.
$900 at Best Buy

The Home Depot

Closed on Thanksgiving, open at 6:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

With this next-level smart dryer, you can manage your laundry remotely! It also knows to adjust the drying levels according to the optimal moisture level, so you won't over-dry or shrink your stuff. The door even opens in both directions, a big plus if your laundry room or basement is a bit cramped.
$748 at The Home Depot
This combo kit includes a high-torque, high-performance drill/driver and hex impact driver, plus two lithium batteries, a 30-minute charger and a contractor bag.
$99 at Best Buy


Closed on Thanksgiving, open at 5:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is a Black Friday score, with an impressive 4.8 star rating from more than 10,000 reviewers. It lets you control your home's temperature from your phone or laptop, auto-schedule and save energy, among many other features.
$179 at Kohl's
This model is especially adept at helping you handle agita, with tools that measure your stress levels and give you a "stress management score" daily.
$200 at Kohl's
This NutriBullet comes with everything you need to make delicious smoothies and juices at home — two BPA-free cups, a to-go lid, and the blending base. The extractor blade breaks through seeds and stems so you don't get those annoying clumps.
$60 at Kohl's


Closed on Thanksgiving, open at 6:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

This top-rated kit includes a Triple Hammer impact driver and a cordless hammer drill with powerful torque and a stunning 4,000 beats per minute. It has brushless technology and even manages to be lightweight.
$129 at Lowe's
The special Tri-Brush System makes this Alexa- and Google Voice–enabled Shark robovac a standout.
$153 at Lowe's
Not only does this microwave feature a sensor cook setting that automatically adjusts cooking time for optimal results, it's also fingerprint-resistant!
$279 at Lowe's


Closed on Thanksgiving, open at 6:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

This oh-so-practical holiday gift suits anyone, with its warmth level for all climates, its water-repellent shell, and its zip-off hood. Choose from five colors.
$100 at Macy's
This set includes a 1.5-quart and 2.5-quart saucepan, a 5-quart stockpot, a sauté pan, a fry pan, plus lids, utensils and a steamer.
$30 at Macy's


Closed on Thanksgiving, TBD on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

This suitcase weighs in at under seven pounds and meets most international and domestic carry-on size requirements. Plus, it comes in both pink and blue, so you'll never mistake your bag for another traveler's.
$96 at Nordstrom
The durable enameled finish of this Le Creuset skillet eliminates the need for traditional seasoning and maintenance of raw cast iron. It comes in six fun colors, so there's sure to be a tone to coordinate with anyone's kitchen color scheme.
$120 at Nordstrom


Closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

This moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, quick-drying tee that allows for freedom of movement is made of recycled materials and is an absolute fan favorite. It's new to Patagonia's Black Friday sale!
$22 at Patagonia
This limited-edition backpack is made from reinforced organic cotton and weighs only 1.9 pounds. Includes a laptop sleeve, an internal pocket and a zippered exterior front and lid pocket.
$49 at Patagonia
Made for climates that range from cool to hot, this hoody's fabric dries quickly, resists odors and stretches for a comfy fit. Plus, it's made with at least 50% recycled polyester,
$32 at Patagonia


Closed on Thanksgiving, open Black Friday at 6:00am.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

Gift a trio of sophisticated scents in rollerball tubes by the beloved designer Carolina Herrera.
$26 at Sephora
Rihanna's makeup is coveted by all ages, and this brush-on bronzer is like dusting your face in diamonds.
$40 at Sephora


Closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

Gift these insulated mittens to someone who loves camping, working outdoors or simply lives in a snowy climate. They keep hands exceptionally warm and have a secure enough grip to allow you to comfortably and safely use a shovel or a power tool.
$35 at REI
These all-terrain shoes have Vibram® Megagrip outsoles, fresh foam midsoles and toe protect panels, and are designed to go the distance.
$70 at Rei


Closed on Thanksgiving, open at 7:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

Is there any kid who wouldn't love a Play Doh set to let their imaginations run wild? This one's such a great gift for a broad range of ages and for both boys and girls. Plus, it's 50% off!
$25 at Target
It's less than five inches wide and brews up to 12 ounces per cup in minutes.
$50 at Target
This big, beautiful TV can be controlled by your voice with Siri, Alexa and Hey Google. You can also hook up to Apple devices using AirPlay to view videos, photos, and music on the big screen
$300 at Target


Closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Black Friday deals to shop now:

Premium wool and organic cotton combine to make this one of the most coveted sweaters of the season.
$56 at Everlane
Invest in a year-round staple. Available in four colors and prints, including this pretty apricot.
$55 at Everlane

Dick's Sporting Goods

Closed on Thanksgiving, Black Friday hours are undisclosed.

Black Friday deals to shop now:

This ribbed pullover sweatshirt is the coziest winter go-to.
$30 at Dick's Sporting Goods
A hoodie makes a great gift for any guy — especially at 50% off!
$30 at Dick's Sporting Goods

What grocery stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day 2022?

Yes, even supermarket employees take time to tuck in on Turkey Day, so don't wait till the big day to grab your groceries. These are the supermarkets closed on Thanksgiving (hint, they're some of your favorites):

So, what stores are actually open on Thanksgiving Day 2022?

You can still drop by these stores on Thanksgiving:

What's the strategy to find the best Black Friday deals?

How do you score the best deals this Thanksgiving weekend in a sea of seemingly endless Black Friday sales? Kristen Gall, Retail and Shopping Expert for Rakuten, believes that retailers’ overstock categories will be the biggest predictor of Black Friday gold. That includes “home goods, gardening, and furniture that they may have not gotten rid of during Labor Day Weekend sales,” she says.

But she notes that Black Friday will also focus on “bigger-ticket items, such as technology products, including laptops, TVs and more.” Other shopping experts agree that personal-tech items will be the bread and butter of Black Friday 2022. Some of the favorites in this race are laptops, smartphones, TVs, Apple devices, cameras, toys and kitchen appliances.

Will inflation impact Black Friday this year?

Last year, consumers spent nearly $9 billion on Black Friday, just slightly less than the year prior — proving that the economic volatility triggered by the pandemic most likely impacted spending habits. Experts say it’s unclear how inflation will affect Black Friday behavior this year, but they have their theories.

“According to our survey, 70% of shoppers are taking inflation into consideration this year,” confirms McGrath. That means people are not necessarily waiting for Black Friday itself to maximize savings, and are instead “beginning their holiday shopping earlier than ever in an effort to spread out cash flow,” adds Gall.

To meet this demand, major retailers are already launching big ‘pre-sale’ events leading up to Black Friday. “Spreading out their shopping will help to prevent [consumers’] budgets from taking a hit all at once,” notes Ramhold. One possible caveat? “If starting prices are higher, then that means [potentially] higher deal prices when all is said and done.”

Are supply chain delays and excess inventory still a thing this year?

‘Any supply chain issues we're seeing this year aren't at the same level as those in 2021, but that doesn't mean they're totally gone,” says Ramhold of the pandemic-related shortages and delivery delays we experienced last year. So, barring any worst-case scenarios, we should be fine in that regard,

“Retailers have had a year to plan to avoid the massive delivery delays we saw last year, so shopping Black Friday should leave plenty of time for stuff to arrive before the holidays,” notes McGrath. “But that's assuming no big surprises or snags. Retailers are still overstocked with pandemic-popular items, like small home goods, countertop appliances and casual clothing. So expect good deals in those categories.”

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