We Tested the Trending Plastic Wrap Hack—Here’s What We Think

It looks cool, but can the average person pull it off?

We recently saw a plastic wrap hack for storing food that caught our attention, so we couldn’t wait to try it. In a TikTok video, user @dobrovolskyi_hchef shows us a new way to wrap a plate of leftovers without the plastic wrap sticking to the food. Genius, right?

In the video, plastic wrap is spun around a plate holding leftover cake and then cut accordingly to create a dome cover. The plastic wrap is then twisted at the top to seal, leaving a bubble reminiscent of a glass cake lid.

<p>Getty Images/Allrecipes</p>

Getty Images/Allrecipes

Does the Plastic Wrap Bubble Hack Work?

This latest hack looks relatively easy and almost too good to be true, so we had to try it ourselves. After testing it out, we found this hack was a little harder than it seems on the original video.

First, the plates in the TikTok video are on a cake stand, which isn’t something everyone might have at home. We found that the elevation of the plate does make a huge difference though. It allows us to wrap the plastic completely around the bottom of the plate much easier than if it were sitting directly on the counter.

Another interesting factor from the video is that large rolls of plastic wrap were used (typically found in a professional restaurant kitchen) and not the average size you typically have on hand at home. This makes a huge difference. Trying to wrap regular-sized plastic wrap fully around the plate holding the cake is nearly impossible. You’d most likely need to have another set of hands to ensure the plastic wrap does not fold over and touch the cake.

However, we did find that using multiple long pieces of plastic wrap can help create one large sheet that can wrap more easily around the entire plate, but we still weren’t able to connect all the sides together without having any openings.

While we still think the concept behind this hack is clever, the key here is to either use one of those large rolls of plastic wrap (you can get these at Costco or Sam's Club) or have someone else help wrap your dish. If all else fails, just ensure there aren’t any leftovers.

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