I Tested the Internet’s Secret for Getting the Most Pop Out of Microwave Popcorn

See if it actually pays off.

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When the microwave started having a pre-programmed “popcorn” button, it solidified the notion that microwave popcorn is the new standard. Forget the nostalgic stovetop version that inevitably reminds me of the opening scene of the horror flick, "Scream," microwave popcorn is not going anywhere. It has brought families, friends, and lovers together on the sofa for decades. The best part? When you can't get to the theater for that buttery snack, you just pop it at home!

Since microwave popcorn has been the norm for generations, ensuring you are getting the most popped kernels has become a fun challenge. There are many theories on how to make sure more kernels are popped inside the bag. People have manipulated the cooking time, tested different brands, and even tested different microwaves. However, it is not often you hear a hack to get more kernels to pop by freezing the package before the trip to the microwave.

Does Freezing Popcorn Make It Pop Better?

Yes, you heard that right, apparently freezing your unpopped bags of popcorn will give you better results according to TikToker, @girlztravel. In the video, the user explains that freeing your favorite brand of microwave popcorn will make sure you have fewer unpopped kernels. Now, frozen microwave popcorn is actually not new. Pillsbury released their version of microwave popcorn back in 1982, and it was kept in the frozen aisle. Interesting, right? So how does this theory hold up?

Microwave Popcorn Freezer Test

I decided to try this myself. The TikToker used the Orville Redenbacher brand in the video. I used Pop Secret. One bag was placed in the freezer overnight, while the other stayed in the standard cabinet. I popped each bag in the microwave for about 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Once done I took each bag and separated the popped pieces from the unpopped kernels. I was then able to measure to see which bag prevailed. 

Based on my experiment, the hack did not work. I got better results from the unfrozen bag. In thinking about why, it seems logical that the frozen kernels take longer to reach the optimum temperature to pop, so fewer actually do. The bag that was kept at room temperature has a head start.

<p>PJ O'Neal</p>

PJ O'Neal

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the hack doesn’t guarantee popped perfection. My go-to is always to add 30 seconds more to the cooking time. No matter your method, the most important tip is to have enough for yourself and your loved ones.

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