We Tested Currentbody's Hair Growth Helmet for 16 Weeks to Check If It Can Really Grow New, Healthy Hair

led hair growth helmet
We Tried The CurrentBody LED Hair Growth HelmetCurrentBody

It isn’t just an age thing, and it doesn’t only affect the hair on your head – from Louis Theroux sharing his ‘alopecia eyebrows’ on Instagram to the 66% of men who experience thinning by the age of 35, male hair loss is a growing concern.

While there's no miracle cure, there are various ways you can support healthy hair growth. But if the supplements and shampoos aren’t working fast enough and you’re not willing to go down the Wayne Rooney graft transplant route, CurrentBody’s innovative new LED at-home hair growth solution may be the innovation you’re looking for. It claims to thicken hair and promote new, healthy hair growth by stimulating blood flow and essential nutrients to the follicles. But at £650, is it worth the spend? We tested it on eight panellists over 16 weeks to find out.

The Stats at a Glance

  • 60% — According to the YourHairDoc clinic, this is the amount of hair-loss sufferers who would prefer a fuller mane to more money or friends.

  • 16 weeks — It takes around 16 weeks of using this device every day to see visible results.

  • According to the YourHairDoc clinic, British men worry the most about hair loss compared to the rest of Europe, but are also the least likely to take steps to combat it.

  • 4/5 —The hair growth helmet scored 4/5 in our lab tests, and impressed our experts with the increase in hair width and follicular units per cm2.

  • 10 minutes — A mere 10 minutes a day could give you a thicker head of hair before summer – baseball caps, be gone.

How Does the Currentbody LED Hair Growth Helmet Work?

The most common cause of hair loss is ‘male pattern baldness’, a genetic condition that starves follicles of necessary oxygen and nutrients, leading to thinning, receding and crown balding.

CurrentBody’s LED Hair Regrowth Device is designed to help combat this, using red light therapy (aka cellular LED) to increase blood flow and fight inflammation, galvanising the flow of necessary goodness back to cells so they function more efficiently. But can it back up its big claims?

How We Tested The CurrentBody Hair Growth Helmet

We tried the device in the MH lab on eight panellists experiencing balding and hair thinning over 16 weeks, testing regrowth, thickening and overall strength of their hair. They gave feedback on design, ease of use and clarity of instructions.

In the lab, we used a Hair Metrix machine to assess hair width and follicular units per cm² before, during and after the 16-week test period.

The Results

The good

Our experts found the device made a marked difference to the thickness and volume of our panellists’ hair by the end of the 16-week trial when using the Hair Metrix machine in the lab. The panellists themselves were pleased with the increased density of hair growth and praised the fact it has in-built headphones, so they could beat boredom while it got to work on their flagging follicles.

‘Other people started to tell me my hair looked fuller and all I'd been doing was using this every day,’ said one tester, while another told us: ‘It was easy to use, had clear instructions and was wireless, so I could use it wherever I was in the house. I could even connect the headphones to my laptop, so I could watch TV while wearing it.’

‘It was comfortable to wear and had adjustments for the ear pieces, and at around 6-8 weeks I started to notice new regrowth,’ said another.

current body hair growth helmet results
Testers using the Hair Metrix in the lab to assess regrowthHearst Owned

The bad

It’s expensive (it costs £650), bulky and only works if you’re consistent with it (we’re talking 10 minutes every day for 16 weeks).

Feedback included: ‘It's not great for longer hair as it can pull or break longer strands off while removing it from your head’; ‘It's too bulky to travel with and takes up a lot of space, so you couldn't use it if you had a trip planned or even if you're not driving between destinations’; and ‘The beep it gave when it was finished or running out of charge was so loud it always gave me a shock.’

The verdict

It definitely seems to have improved the density of our panellists' hair and helped with new growth when used consistently, but it's no good if you've got a lifestyle that doesn't see you in one place for a long time, or if you're not great at breaking in new habits. That said, the brand provides a 16-week money back guarantee, allowing you to give it a test run and take it back, should Jason Mamoa not appear in the mirror after the full trial. Don't quote us on that.

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