This Tequila Is Definitely, Absolutely, 100% Not a Celebrity Tequila—and That’s the Point

As you are surely aware, there’s a whole lot of celebrity tequila out there—some of it good, some of it not so good, all of it viewed through a veil of star power that ultimately is probably irrelevant. So it should really come as no surprise that a new tequila brand has made its name, quite literally, on the fact that it’s Not a Celebrity Tequila. We got an early taste, and it turns out this this is a decent blanco worth trying.

Of course, the whole concept behind Not a Celebrity Tequila rests on the fact that there are so many celebrity tequilas, which in a meta, ouroboros kind of way makes this the spawn of celebrity tequila. According to the brand, the tequila is completely additive-free and made from USDA-certified organic agave at the Galindo distillery in Jalisco, Mexico (according to Tequila Matchmaker, other brands produced there include El Luchador, Galindo, and Patrizia Lamborghini Distribuzione—yes, that Lamborghini). It should be noted that the tequila is not yet verified as being additive-free by Tequila Matchmaker, virtually the only name in the game doing such a thing. Legally, there can be up to one percent additives without being disclosed, but I asked a rep for the brand directly about this and was assured that there are indeed no additives.

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Not a Celebrity Tequila, created by the founders of Buena Fe tequila RTDs, is made from 100 percent agave using an autoclave and roller mill for production (as opposed to a diffuser, again according to the brand), and distilled twice. The marketing team describes the tequila as a “gateway” blanco, and that seems accurate. The mouthfeel is a bit thin, and while it’s not as good as blanco expressions from brands like Lalo or Tequila Ocho, there’s a nice mix of citrus, vanilla, grass, and sweet agave on the palate. It is in fact much better than some well-known celebrity tequila brands like Casamigos, Gran Coramino, Cincoro, and 818, but not as good as others like Codigo 1530, Casa Noble, or Santo. And that’s just fine, because this $40 bottle is affordable and dependable, a solid gateway blanco option as described.

Not A Celebrity Tequila is available for pre-order now from the brand’s website in advance of its launch on May 5, and it will be available at bars and restaurants in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island with the possibility of greater distribution in the coming months.

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