The Telltale Signs Your Grilled Swordfish Is Done

Swordfish on grill
Swordfish on grill - Stephanie Rapone/Tasting Table

Burgers, chicken breasts, and steaks are common meats to throw on the grill — but sometimes, a craving for grilled fish hits the stomach. To switch things up and satisfy the craving, swordfish is an ideal alternative to more common varieties like salmon for your weeknight dinner or cookout. Swordfish — sometimes cut into swordfish steaks — are ideal for the grill because of the thickness, but you certainly don't want overcooked and dry swordfish.

There are a few telltale signs that your grilled swordfish is ready to be plated. For starters, swordfish that's 1-inch thick will be ready on the grill in as quick as 10 minutes and at most, 14 minutes. The grilled swordfish should appear opaque when it's time to flip after five to seven minutes and opaque all over when it's ready to eat. There should be some nice char marks from the grates on both sides of the fish, too. Another surefire way to tell is with the touch test — the fish should feel firm when it's done. But with a fork, it should flake effortlessly.

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How To Cook Grilled Swordfish Effortlessly

Plated grilled swordfish and lemon
Plated grilled swordfish and lemon - Stephanie Rapone/Tasting Table

You might be hungry for grilled swordfish now, so consider our best grilled swordfish recipe created by Stephanie Rapone. One of the perks of swordfish is how it takes on flavors easily, and Rapone takes advantage of that with a marinade of lemon juice and zest, herbs, and grated garlic. The recipe uses 6-ounce swordfish filets, which Rapone says should be cooked three to five minutes per side, in accordance with our previous advice. Use the tips above to confirm its doneness. And as a final check, use a meat thermometer to check for an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you've never grilled swordfish or any other variety before, a coat of neutral oil on each side is essential if you want to skip the marinade. This ensures that you can easily flip it when it's opaque and get it off the grill before it overcooks. To turn yourself into a grilled fish expert, follow these tips for grilling fish from a chef, like how to clean the grates so no swordfish goes to waste. And brush up on our grilling tips and tricks if you're new to the grill game in general.

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