'He was telling us this in the 1970s!' Felicity Kendal praises King Charles' sustainability efforts

Felicity Kendal praises King Charles for conservation efforts credit:Bang Showbiz
Felicity Kendal praises King Charles for conservation efforts credit:Bang Showbiz

Felicity Kendal has praised King Charles for taking climate change "seriously " at a time when no one else did.

The 76-year-old actress attended the Windsor Castle concert of the new monarch on Sunday (07.05.23) - which took place as a celebration of His Majesty's crowning ceremony a day earlier and featured performances from the likes of Take That, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie - and described the evening as "beautiful" but also explained it served as a reminder as just how long he has fought for sustainability with its drone spectacular that highlighted the natural word.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', she said: "It was an amazing evening and I think it probably looked like one on television, but you could not imagine actually being there, It was an incredible set, the sky was beautiful and the atmosphere was just so joyous and relaxed in a way. It wasn't like a state occasion or anything. With the drones, and the music that was composed for it, it was a message as well, of the conservation of the planet that the now-King had gone banging on about with David Attenborough in the 1970s about plastic and ruining the planet and telling us 'We've got to do something about it' at a time when it was really unfashionable because plastic was the new thing.

"So it was remembering that he was there for a lot of that before people thought it was serious. It was a message of we've got to keep living, we've got to do something. And it was beautiful, with the whale, and the tiger and then the song the 'Eye of the Tiger.' I felt very young! And happy. "

Meanwhile, 'The Good Life' star has served as an ambassador for the Prince's Trust - which was set up by the then-Prince Charles almost 50 years ago - for several decades and praised the organisation for its commitment to giving young people from "every walk of life" a chance to succeed.

She added: "I've been an ambassador for 35 years now, for the Prince's Trust and I think that is something that has proved to have been one of the vast-seen passions that he has and it has helped more than one million people. It is giving back to the young people, giving them a chance from every walk of life.

"Again and again, you go to the meetings to see the people that have gone through it and they're successful, they've been given a chance by this amazing idea that targets young people. I think that's what came across in the concert, the inclusivity when everybody from every religion and every walk of life is there to serve. And charity, is fundamentally, part of the belief of the family.