Come, Let's All Lament Together Over The Completely Unfair Things Our Bosses Have Asked Us To Do

Previously, we spoke about a woman whose boss demanded she work a last-minute shift or be fired, so she quit, and thousands of commenters cheered her on.

BuzzFeed news article by Alexa Lisitza about a woman who quit her job after being asked to work last minute or be fired, and public support for her decision

And it got me thinking about all the ridiculous requests bosses likely make all the time that don't have a chance to go viral. So, I'm asking you, our BuzzFeed Community, to share the most unfair request you've received or the most ridiculous thing your boss has ever asked you to do at work.

Maybe you planned a vacation a full year in advance, but when the two-week countdown began, your boss asked if you'd cancel your time off so that another co-worker could take their family on a last-minute trip to Disney World instead.

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Or, maybe the VP of your company made it extremely clear that they wanted documents to be formatted in a particular way, but your direct manager told you to ignore that direction and fill out a document in the opposite way. Later, you got called into a meeting with your VP and manager, who blamed you for the error.

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Or, maybe your boss found out a co-worker was expecting and sneakily suggested that you, their manager, find a reason to fire them before the due date. The whole thing was incredibly shady and wrong, so you refused and were let go as well.

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Whatever the situation may be, we want to hear from you. Tell us the most unfair request you've received or the most ridiculous thing your boss has ever asked you to do at work in the comments below. Or, if you'd like to remain anonymous, feel free to share via this Google Form. Your answer may appear in an upcoming post.