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Tell biting bugs to buzz off with this top-selling $17 indoor fly trap that uses zero chemicals

Swap the swatter for an insect-buster that has over 16,000 shoppers buzzing.

Summer's knocking on our collective door. That means lots more sunlight, long hot days, lots of bugs ... okay, that last one isn't exactly something we're looking forward to. For that matter, you may already be getting tortured by flying, biting insects here in May. But you don't have to put up with these pesky houseguests if you've got the Safer Home Indoor Fly Trap. This top-seller plugs into an outlet and lures insects to its sticky glue cards via UV LED light, meaning it doesn't rely on chemicals. And did I mention it's only $17 at Amazon?

Fruit flies, you've met your (chemical-free) match. 

$17 at Amazon

What makes the Safer Home Indoor Fly Trap so appealing is its ease of use. All you do is place a glue card inside, plug it in and ... yeah, that's it. You can rotate it to fit any outlet, and since the glue cards are located in the back, you won't have to stare at a bunch of dead bugs. The clean white design actually looks quite sleek, and each one offers up to 400 square feet of coverage.

Have kids or pets? This indoor fly trapper does not use any insecticides, so it doesn't pose any health risks. And just what type of pests does it attract? Everything from flies to moths to gnats, though some reviewers say they've even seen it catch ants. You will need to swap out the glue cards once they fill up or lose their stickiness, and refill packs are sold separately. (The trap comes with two.)

a red fly swatter with flies on it resting on a table
Do you really want to be looking at this all summer? We'd like to propose a lower-effort pest-control method. (Getty Images)

Over 18,000 Amazon customers have had bug-busting success with the Safer Home Indoor Fly Trap.

"I love this plug-in for my kitchen and bathroom!" exclaimed one satisfied shopper. "You don’t realize how many bugs you have in your home until you replace the sticky backing with a new one. It's effective and safe for kids and pets, so I feel good about using it since it has no toxic chemicals or sprays. It also hides the trapped bugs on the back so you and your guests can still enjoy a bug-free environment without drawing attention to the fact that it's there!"

"This trap is extremely effective and stays sticky for a long time," raved another impressed user. "It took me a while to realize I had gnats in one of my plants because this trap caught them so well. ... I also had it up with the same glue card for about three months and it's still sticky! I'm only replacing the card now because I realized it filled up with the gnats from the plant."

"I live in a hot climate area with lots of bugs," shared a final fan. "This summer got pretty bad and I was having difficulty fighting off the bugs with just my swatter. Enter: plug-in fly trap! This thing has worked great. ... I placed the trap in an outlet next to my pets' food bowls for best results. I wish the trap came with more adhesive pads, but otherwise no complaints ... and no more bugs!"

The greatest fly trap since Venus' is here to bring some sanity to your summer.

$17 at Amazon

And in case one of those little menaces does manage to make a meal of your arm...

This wildly popular bug bite remedy sucks out the venom and saliva that cause irritation, so as long as you use it soon after you've been bitten, it can minimize itching. It doesn't rely on chemicals or creams, and it's completely reusable.

Check out our full review for more.

$10 at Amazon

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