This teen has a brilliant hack for seeing if clothing looks good on her

This young woman uses Photoshop to virtually try on clothes before buying them. (Photo: Twitter/Demi Sinclair)
This young woman uses Photoshop to virtually try on clothes before buying them. (Photo: Twitter/Demi Sinclair)

We just learned the perfect hack for anyone who buys all of their clothes online. One catch: You have to know Photoshop.

Thanks to a viral tweet from Demi Sinclair, online shopping just got a whole lot more technical. “My pal edits dresses from websites onto herself to see how it would look…10/10 for effort,” Sinclair wrote. She shared a photo of her friend, who had edited herself wearing a bright sequined dress — which, we have to say, fits her perfectly.

The company behind the sequined dress even weighed in with its approval (and an offer to send over the dress for an IRL fit session).

People are loving Sinclair’s friend’s very 2017 way to shop. “Smartest thing I’ve seen all year,” wrote Twitter user Naomi Deeney on Twitter. “This is another level,” wrote Amy Hudson. People are already hitting up their more graphic design-oriented friends for shopping help in the comments.

Others have already started to copy the technique.

Another commenter taught us that the Photoshop strategy can even be applied to nail colors.

Retail companies are starting to catch up to the 2017 version of shopping. Companies like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club send over personally styled outfits to try on, and then allow you to return any items you don’t want for free. There are also shops that offer customization options like Frilly, where shoppers can choose hemlines, sleeve styles, necklines, and more to turn any piece of clothing into a custom-made item. The shopping experience is completely personalized, and you don’t need to know Photoshop.

This tweet may have started out as a bit of a joke, but it just might save some people a lot of cash. How many times have you bought something online and planned to return it, but just got too lazy to deal with shipping it back? Think of all the money you’d save on shipping costs if you could virtually try things on at home first — and then you could channel that saved money into … well, more clothes.

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