Teachers, What Are The Modern Parenting Trends You've Noticed But 100% Disagree With?

In the past few years — between iPad babies, millennial parenting methods, and a growing discourse among teachers about students being behind — there's been no shortage of opinions about parenting.

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And recently on BuzzFeed, people with kids shared the modern parenting trends they too disagree with.

Quotes discussing parenting challenges: 1) Excessive surveillance on kids, causing detachment in college. 2) Importance of allowing kids to be bored and reducing screen time
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Now, I want to hear from those who sometimes face the consequences of controversial parenting — teachers. What modern parenting trends have you noticed that you disagree with?

Perhaps you've been teaching for over 20 years, but in the past five years, you've noticed that parents are completely in denial about how much their kids overuse screens. Your first-graders (!) ask for screen time for nearly every activity. And you've noticed it's not just the kids; the parents are often on their phones around their kids or giving them a screen in any situation where they need to be calm.

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Maybe for you, while you see the benefits of "gentle parenting," you think parents are often misconstruing it as an excuse not to set boundaries and discipline their kids. It trickles into the classroom as you sometimes feel like you're the only one telling a child "no," leading to frustration for both you and the student.

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Maybe there's a growing number of parents homeschooling their children in your area. While you're not against homeschooling – you've seen many successful homeschooled kids — in these cases, parents are pulling their children out of public school based on conspiracy theories about the curriculum and the politicization of books.

Books display with a sign "Banned Books: Any Book Worth Banning is a Book Worth Reading." It includes titles like "Melissa," "Woke," and "I Am Jazz" with reasons for banning

So, tell me what grade you teach and how long you've been teaching. What parenting trends have you noticed that negatively impact the classroom? Were they ever an issue before?

Let me know in the comments, or by submitting this anonymous form. Your responses could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.