Taylor Swift Is ‘Very in Love’ and ‘Super Proud’ of Travis Kelce as He Prepares for Super Bowl

In footage of Taylor Swift greeting and kissing Travis Kelce after the Kansas City Chiefs’ AFC Championship victory over the Baltimore Ravens, it is clear how smitten and excited she is for her boyfriend. Sources gave greater detail on her feelings about Kelce to Entertainment Tonight and People.

A source told Entertainment Tonight, “Taylor and Travis are so excited that the Chiefs and Travis are heading to the Super Bowl. They’re very in love, and Taylor is super proud of him. They’re both extremely dedicated and hardworking and understand each other. They are relishing in this moment.”

A separate source confirmed to Page Six that Swift will be at the game despite her performing in Tokyo the day before the Las Vegas event. “It’s a brutal flight, but she’ll get on her plane right after the concert,” the source said.

A source close to Kelce and Swift gave People more detail about how well they work together as a couple.It’s obvious, isn’t it?” they began. “They’re genuinely happy together. She’s there to support him and cheer him on, and she’s fit in seamlessly with everyone he loves.” When she is with Kelce’s family in particular, “they don’t see her as ‘Taylor Swift’ the superstar,” the source said.

That insider also detailed Kelce’s feelings on everything that has happened to him the past couple days. “To be going to Vegas now is indescribable,” the source said. “Having his family there, all his best friends and managers, and of course, Taylor, celebrating with him was very special.”

Kelce “was feeling every single emotion [on Sunday],” the insider continued. “Now he and the team are focusing on the Super Bowl. It’s going to be an intense couple of weeks [as they prepare],” but Kelce will have the support of his loved ones—including Swift, of course—to help him.

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