Taylor Swift crushed in group hug as Chiefs win Super Bowl

Taylor Swift crushed in group hug as Chiefs win Super Bowl

Taylor Swift is celebrating Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.

The Grammy winner was seen being crushed by her crowd of friends on February 11 as the Chiefs went on to score a touchdown in overtime and win the game.

Swift was sitting in a suite in the stands next to Blake Lively and Ice Spice when the 2024 Super Bowl officially concluded after a tense overtime.

In Las Vegas, the Super Bowl was a match-up was between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. This was the second time in Super Bowl history that the game resulted in overtime.

On Sunday, Swift arrived at Allegiant Stadium alongside Lively, Ice Spice, and her mother, Andrea Swift. For the occasion, the singer wore black jeans, a black bustier top, her signature red lipstick, and a red jacket slung over her shoulder, in honour of the Chiefs’ red uniforms. However, it was her accessories that had a deeper meaning, as Swift wore a necklace with the number “87” around her neck, a tribute to Kelce’s team number.

In a few resurfaced clips on X, formerly known as Twitter, Swift is seen holding hands with Lively and then starting to jump before her entire row is jumping and Swift almost gets knocked down as the Chiefs officially win the Super Bowl. Another clip showed Swift’s friend Lana Del Rey getting knocked over as well as the suite erupted in applause and cheers.

“Perfect way to react to the perfect ending of a perfect game!” one comment read under the post.

Another agreed, writing: “Their support they have for one another is what everyone deserves in a relationship.”

Following the win, Swift travelled down to the field with Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, who could be seen holding the singer’s arm in hers. After Travis stood up to accept the trophy, and cheer along with the crowd, he joined his mother and Swift back on the field, where he hugged and kissed the singer.

“Come here, girl,” Travis could be heard telling Swift, before enveloping her in a huge hug.

The sweet moment was met with an outpouring of praise from viewers, with many applauding the singer’s congratulatory gesture.

“They’re literally America’s sweethearts, I love them so much,” one fan wrote on X, while another wrote: “This is is such a storybook type of ending and I’m living for it.”

The 12-time Grammy winner and the NFL star made hearts everywhere swoon on Sunday 28 January, when Swift stormed the field in celebration of the Kansas City Chiefs making it to Super Bowl LVIII. After the tight end’s team beat the Baltimore Ravens 17-10, the couple were also seen hugging and kissing.

“That was insane. I can’t believe it. I’ve never seen you like that,” Swift could be heard telling Kelce. Meanwhile, one camera caught the 34-year-old football player declaring his love to Swift publically for the first time. “Tay, I’m going to enjoy with the guys,” said Kelce, before kissing her again and declaring: “I love you.”