Taylor and Kanye's leaked phone call appears to show who told the truth

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It's the phone call that launched a thousand snake emojis. And now, out of nowhere, an alleged unedited version of the conversation between Taylor Swift and Kanye West has been leaked – and it appears to prove that Tay Tay was telling the truth all along.

In a video from 2016 that started circulating on Twitter yesterday, Kanye is allegedly shown on the phone to Taylor asking her to tweet out his single Famous when it drops. When Taylor quizzes Kanye on why she would do that Kanye responds, "The reason why it would be happening is because it has a very controversial line at the beginning of the song about you."

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Kanye then tells Taylor Swift he plans to include either the line, "I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex" or "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex" in the upcoming single.

Taylor can then be heard laughing and saying, "That's not mean". Kanye adds, “If you felt it’s funny and cool and hip-hop and felt like just the ‘College Drop-Out’ and artist like ‘Ye’ that you love, then people will be way into it.”

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Taylor seems to approve of the lyric but tells him she needs time to think about it, but - and this is the crucial bit - she never hears or approves the second verse in which Kanye raps, "I made that bitch famous".

The pop star was branded a 'snake' and faced widespread criticism after Kim Kardashian West shared a clip on her Snapchat that showed some of the conversation between Kanye and Taylor, suggesting to many that Taylor had lied about not being warned about the lyric.

However, now that the unedited phone call has been surfaced, fans are slamming Kanye and Kim for being the real 'snakes'.

We may be in self isolation chaps, but the drama don't stop!

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