Tart Apples Are Your Ticket To Decadent Dessert Fries

Apple varieties on wood background
Apple varieties on wood background - Magone/Getty Images

Apples come in countless colors and flavors, each perfect for different culinary applications. It can be overwhelming to sort through the many types of apples and how to use them, but a straightforward rule of thumb can help make sense of all the apple uncertainty: For sweeter dishes, use tarter apples. They are a better choice because their sourness balances out the extra sweetness from sugar or syrup. Caramel apple recipes, for instance, often follow this rule of thumb. Another perfect recipe for testing out this rule is apple fries.

Apple fries are made by cutting apples into strips, frying them, and then coating them in a sweet, warming cinnamon sugar mix. Because their coating is so sweet, tart apples make an ideal apple fry base, as their sour properties complement the sweetness perfectly and add a layer of depth to the flavor in each bite. A crunchy, crispy treat, apple fries are definitely worth a try.

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Assembling The Perfect Apple Fries

Apple fries at Legoland
Apple fries at Legoland - floridacomflori/Instagram

Apple fries were popularized by the Legoland theme parks. Guests can work up quite an appetite between riding rollercoasters and catching glimpses of all the park's intricate Lego sculptures and structures. The parks offer many delicious dining options, but their Granny's Apple Fries may be one of the most exciting and uniquely tasty choices. They are made with Granny Smith apples, a particularly sour and crisp apple variety.

If you want to try these renowned apple fries but do not plan on going to Legoland anytime soon, they are certainly simple enough to make at home. On TikTok, one affable chef from Legoland Dubai gives a lesson on how to prepare them in a video, demonstrating their simplicity.

Though the classic Legoland recipe calls for Granny Smith apples, any tart apple will do. McIntosh, Pink Lady, and Northern Spy apples, for instance, are not as sour as the Granny Smith but will still work.

Achieving Apple Fries At Home

Homemade air fryer apple fries
Homemade air fryer apple fries - sweetteaandsprinkles/TikTok

If you are interested in making apple fries at home but are missing some of the essentials to mimic the Legoland version, there are many ways you can adapt the recipe. If you only have sweet apples on hand, like Red Delicious, Fuji, or Gala Apples, and you still want to give apple fries a go, don't worry. You can mitigate an overly sweet situation by adding in something sour -- a splash of lemon juice will get the job done. Just make sure to use larger apples so that you end up with larger fries.

Or, if you do not have a deep-fryer, there are plenty of air fryer iterations that will also help you achieve that crave-worthy, crispy crunch. There are numerous videos on TikTok sharing how simple it is to make this treat in the popular kitchen appliance. One content creator even went so far as to flavor the fries' flour coating a generous sprinkling of cinnamon to complement the fruit.

There are many paths you can take in your apple fry endeavor. As long as you add an element of tartness, you can't go wrong.

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