Target's New Stanley Cup Colors Have Fans Rushing To The Nearest Store

Target x Stanley reusable tumblers
Target x Stanley reusable tumblers - Stanley/Facebook

In case you blinked and missed Target's Starbucks x Stanley tumblers, don't worry — Target has once again teamed up with Stanley to launch several more exclusive colors, available for purchase as of October 22.

The new collection includes 10-ounce Everyday Go Tumblers, 16-ounce Aerolight Transit Bottles, and both 20-ounce and 40-ounce FlowState Quencher Tumblers. Both the 10-ounce and 20-ounce tumblers come in packs of two, priced at $30 and $50, respectively. The 16-ounce bottle costs $30, while the 40-ounce tumbler will set you back $45. All of these prices are comparable to those on Stanley's website.

Now for the most-anticipated part: the new colors. Target's exclusive Stanley colors include solid green, highlighter yellow and white, navy blue and light blue, hot pink and light pink, and white with a colorful, geometric print. Though these color choices may seem odd for a fall launch, Stanley's products remain contenders for the best-insulated tumbler year-round.

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The New Target X Stanley Tumblers Will Likely Sell Out As Quickly As Ever

Person holding Target x Stanley tumbler in Target
Person holding Target x Stanley tumbler in Target - The Krazy Koupon Lady/Facebook

If we've learned anything from the previous Target x Stanley collaboration, it's that Target shoppers love an exclusive tumbler drop. As such, some store locations have had to post purchase limits of five Stanley items per customer.

Regardless, barely 24 hours after the new colors hit Target shelves, social media has already switched into overdrive, with tumbler fans flocking to their nearest Target. One TikTok user joked about "dragging the hubby" to Target immediately after she saw the Stanley tumblers were in stock. Dozens of commenters said they hopped on the Target app — or into their car — right after they saw her video. Meanwhile, other TikTok posts racked up hundreds of thousands of likes after simply sharing the available colors.

So take note: If you really want a Target x Stanley tumbler this time around, you'd better get one quickly. While stock depends on location, many styles and colors from the new drop are already selling out, and it's only a matter of time before they're gone.

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