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Target employee reveals just how many products are stolen from the beauty section in a typical day

A Target employee is highlighting just how bad retail theft has become after walking through the beauty section at the end of her shift and finding quite a bit of discarded packaging.

According to @j.cara8, this isn’t anything new. In fact, it appears to be part of a nightly routine.

“This was everything that was stolen in the beauty section today that we found just laying around,” the TikToker says at the start of the video while holding up a box filled with empty packages and wrappers.

One by one, the TikToker picks up every empty package she found to show what shoppers took from the store, starting with a daily facial moisturizer from Cetaphil and a Morphe 2 eyeshadow palette.

There’s a cardboard backing for some rosy Vaseline lip gloss, an empty box of sunless tanning serum from Jergens and even a box of false eyelashes that (surprise, surprise) no longer have any lashes in them.

Customers used and then replaced several items, including lipsticks Other customers tore products from their packaging and pocketed them before leaving the store.

At the end of the clip, @j.cara8 walks to the break room and adds the garbage to a large bin marked “empty packaging,” where employees presumably place other remnants of stolen items. This way, management can report on it later.

The video has over 1 million views, but the comments people have been leaving might surprise you.

Quite a few people found the whole thing kind of shocking.

“i don’t understand why people don’t have a conscience,” one user wrote.

“Do people not realize when you steal, youre making the costs go up,” added someone else.

Others said they’d seen things like this firsthand while working in similar stores.

“Me when I worked at Nordstrom,” one person chimed in.

“it’s shocking how much people steal,” added someone else who said they also work in a Target beauty section.

But the vast majority of comments came from people who praised the mystery thieves.

“i hope they enjoy their new items,” one person commented.

“proud of my girls,” said another.

“YASSS THEYRE SLAYING,” someone else wrote.

Others called the stash of stolen goods “impressive” and applauded the shoplifters for having “good taste.”

Jokes aside, in-store theft has become a serious problem for many major retail stores across the U.S. In fact, many retailers say the rising rates of merchandise losses, otherwise known as “shrink,” have become a national crisis. According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey of 60 major retail companies, the “rapidly ballooning issue” resulted in $94.5 billion in losses in 2021 alone. And while that was only a 4% increase from 2020, it was actually a 53% increase from 2019 — indicating that the pandemic might have played a role in the sudden shift.

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