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I shop for a living and I swear by this self-tan duo — and it's on sale for just $30

I absolutely can't tan. Maybe it's because I'm Russian, and we're made to thrive in snow, not sand. Maybe — probably — it's because I cover every visible inch of my body in SPF 70+ sunscreen any time I put on a bathing suit. Either way, that just-got-back-from-Bora-Bora golden hue my partner gets when he spends more than five minutes outside takes me all day and subjects me to UV exposure I'd like to avoid, and I end up looking more akin to a lobster than a glowy goddess.

The key is to fake it — and I'm not suggesting a harmful tanning bed or an expensive spray-on that inevitably gets all over your sheets. The closest I can ever get to the glow of my dreams is to get it from a bottle, and these Tan Luxe self-tanner drops are my favorite way to get there. Plus, at $30 for the set, it's also way cheaper than that ticket to Aruba.

No streaks, no surprises and no stained sheets: The ultimate win.
$30 at HSN

This on-sale set includes the Tan Luxe Super Glow Body and the Super Glow Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. I use and love both, mostly because they're both absolutely foolproof. I'm awful at applying most self-tanners (I inevitably look like a splotchy zebra) yet even I have a hard time messing up with Super Glow.

The Super Glow Body has a serum-like formula, plus it's a gradual tanner. I like to start at about two pumps for my arms and four for my legs, though it's easy to add more if you'd like a deeper glow. Just make sure to massage into the skin with circular motions (it gives a more even glow) and either use a mitt or wash your hands immediately after you're done. Also, unlike most self-tanners, this serum has a virtually undetectable smell.

It's a beach vacation in a bottle. (Photo: HSN)
It's a beach vacation in a bottle. (Photo: HSN)

Like the body serum, the Super Glow sunscreen also imparts a natural, gradual tan that you can build up to your desired shade. The formula is broad spectrum SPF 30, so you can use it just as a sunscreen alone or under makeup, or just as a facial self-tanner. It's small enough to just throw in your purse or beach tote, too. Just check out how to use both the sunscreen and the serum here.

The best part, of course, is the price: The set of two is marked down to just $30, which is huge considering a bottle of Super Glow Body alone will set you back $49. You can also bring your price down to just $20 if you're a first-time HSN shopper with code HSN2023 — it'll take $10 off your order of $20 or more. Want to break it down even further? You can opt for three FlexPays of just $10.

"These products give beautiful natural color and no one knows that I'm wearing fake tan ever and of course I love that," shared an HSN shopper. "The products never smell bad, and if they did I would not use them. I have used self tanners for years and this line I think is one of the best out there. I keep color all year round!"

It's so easy to incorporate into any routine! Shared a shopper: "I love that both these face and body 'tanners' are super easy to use. I put the face glow on after my skincare and lock it in with my tinted moisturizer... done!"

The most glowing (sorry) review came from this no-longer pale gal: "Being (painfully) Irish I continue to reluctantly try a self tanning item every year. Always with the same stoic-optimism...But THESE!! No mix, no wait, no odd color, no streak, no alligator recovery, no odd odor. A couple drops on each leg in [the] AM and I don't look like a zombie in my cute midi or linen crops!"

Get a gorgeous glow well before Memorial Day (and no one will ever be able to tell it came from a bottle).
$30 at HSN

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