Tamara Gregor: SCHS Column: Savana's ready to cuddle up in her own home

May 1—A happy and joyful pup walked gracefully into The Banner Office as part of Stephens County Humane Society's (SCHS) Take Out Tuesday program.

Savana is around two years old and a border collie mixed breed. This girl stands tall and will soak up every ounce of attention she can get.

Sweet Savana received joy in everything from belly rubs to cuddling with everyone she encountered during her afternoon outing.

In Savana's excitement she wiggles her body right down to her tail as she shakes her little booty to let people know how happy she is to see them.

Through her precious tail shakes, she brings smiles and laughter into the room.

Savana took full advantage of the traditional two-cheeseburger lunch. Though a little eager, she was a gentle eater.

While this classy girl loves treats, she's pretty patient for the most part, but she will try to sneak a bite of your lunch when you're not looking.

Savana will chase specific toys and bring them back to play with and her favorite of the day was a stuffed monkey.

Taking advantage of the sunny day, Savana made her way down Main Street Duncan and stopped into Think Ability Gardens and R&S Drug to show off just how precious she is.

When going for a walk, Savana's great on a leash, but she likes to go places in her own time. Don't rush this girl — she will decide when she's ready to walk and move on to the next location.

For the felines

For all those kitty friends who love their meal times, but are getting a little extra cushion around the middle area, here's a few tips to battle feline obesity.

First, schedule a vet appointment to see where your specific cat breed falls and how much they should weigh.

Next, look for a high-quality food for your cat, one that meets their nutritional needs and is appropriate for their stage of life.

It may be time to pick the food bowl up and not let your cat have free access to feeding at any time of the day. Try to work in scheduled feeding times.

Provide several meals in smaller portions for your feline friend or get a food dispenser toy where your cat can work for their food.

Help your cat get a little exercise and have a few play sessions and stay up-to-date on wellness exams.

For more kitty cat tips sponsored by Minson's Veterinary Hospital, read next week's column.

To inquire about any of the dogs or cats, or to set up an appointment, call 580-252-7387 between the Humane Society's hours of noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and from noon to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday. SCHS is open from noon to 2 p.m. on Sundays for adoptions only and closed on Monday for surgery day.

The SCHS column is sponsored by Minson's Veterinary Hospital, Tractor Supply Co. and R&S Drug Store.

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