Tamara Gregor: SCHS Column: Luke ready to train under his new master

May 8—A beam of light shined through the clouds and brought a shy, but lovable young pup into The Banner Office as part of Stephens County Humane Society's (SCHS) Take Out Tuesday program.

Luke is around 23 weeks old and a mastiff mixed breed. Though still a puppy, this sweet boy is a little timid. He sports a creme colored fur coat with black markings surrounding his face.

While bringing smiles to everyone he meets, Luke brings the force with him wherever he goes, whether it's for a walk around the block, making a quick stop in a store, or taking a relaxing afternoon nap.

Over the course of the afternoon, this Jedi-pup proved his love for treats and quickly came out of hiding to snatch a few bites of lunch.

Each week our shelter friends have the luxury of getting a two-cheeseburger lunch and Luke wasted no time in gently devouring the burgers.

After lunch, Luke ventured off on his next quest as we took a walk down Main Street Duncan. He sniffed his way up and down the sidewalk, greeting families as they passed by.

Luke made the traditional stops into Think Ability Gardens and R&S Drug to visit a few more friends and soak up some extra attention.

According to Humane Society staff, Luke is part of their Star Wars pups and his adoption fee is $25. The adoption will include alteration, a microchip and age appropriate vaccines.

This Jedi pup will help defeat the dark side and bring it to the light to brighten up someone's day.

For the felines

Training your cat can be a bit of an adventure.

As you begin to train your cat, start out with quick, short sessions — about five to 10 minutes — and use positive reinforcement like treats, praise or playtime when they behave correctly.

Alway be consistent when training your feline by using the same commands and hand signals. Some cats can thrive off of clicker training to help associate a sound with a behavior.

Keep the training to one behavior at a time and utilize visual hand signals or cues.

As always, keep the training fun and playful and be patient with your little kitty friend.

For more kitty cat tips sponsored by Minson's Veterinary Hospital, read next week's column.

To inquire about any of the dogs or cats, or to set up an appointment, call 580-252-7387 between the Humane Society's hours of noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and from noon to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday. SCHS is open from noon to 2 p.m. on Sundays for adoptions only and closed on Monday for surgery day.

The SCHS column is sponsored by Minson's Veterinary Hospital, Tractor Supply Co. and R&S Drug Store.

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