Tamara Ecclestone divides social media users with breastfeeding selfie

Tamara Ecclestone's latest breastfeeding selfie has divided the internet again [Photo: Instagram/tamaraecclestoneofficial]
Tamara Ecclestone’s latest breastfeeding selfie has divided the internet again [Photo: Instagram/tamaraecclestoneofficial]

Tamara Ecclestone’s latest breastfeeding selfie has divided the Internet once again.

On Monday the 32-year-old socialite posted a serene photo to Instagram of her sitting in a Teepee in the garden nursing her three-year-old daughter Sophia, while wearing a floaty, floral dress.

“Nothing but love @ivetteivens always captures the most beautiful moments #hippyatheart,” she captioned the shot.

Tamara is a staunch supporter of the movement to normalise breastfeeding and regularly posts brelfies to her social media channels, but not everyone approves of her sharing such intimate snaps.

Nothing but love ???? @ivetteivens always captures the most beautiful moments #hippyatheart

A post shared by Tamara Ecclestone Rutland (@tamaraecclestoneofficial) on Apr 24, 2017 at 7:16am PDT

“I breastfed but I just don’t get why the need to bang on about it constantly. we get it. Enough already,” one user commented.

“I love Tamara & her attitude as a Mum & I love her account, but even I did think “oh not another one” when I saw this image. I just didn’t feel QUITE as strongly as you! Still a beautiful image, but I’ve heard her voice, I’ve heard her message, I don’t feel these should be as publicised any more. As natural as it is, I don’t need to see pics on a regular basis if ANYONE feeding their baby,” another added.

“I’m sure Sophia will love this picture when she’s 15 and it’s being blasted around her school! Great you are breast feeding but does the whole world need to see it. She is 3!” another user added.

Others questioned whether at three years old, Tamara’s daughter was too old to still be breastfed.

“Nothing wrong with bf baby. I was not lucky enough to achieve it successfully.. however she is three.. eats a full and varied diet .. why the need to still be bf,” one woman questioned.

But others were quick to step in and defend Tamara and the fact she’s celebrating still breastfeeding her daughter.

“Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing, helps to normalise extended breastfeeding,” one fan wrote.

“Beautiful. My daughter is the same age as yours, we’re still breastfeeding too #proud,” another added.

“I love this photograph. Nothing but love and admiration for you and your lovely family,” another fan wrote.

It isn’t the first time Tamara has taken to social media to defend her right to breastfeed her daughter.

Earlier this year she shared another stunning image of her breastfeeding Sophia alongside a powerful message to those trying to shame her.

“Find it a very sad and surprising sign of the times and the world we live in that the act of breast feeding your child evokes such hatred in so many bitter people,” she wrote.

“I am astonished that breast feeding mums get such a hard time as there is no reason why we should. I would never ask someone when they will take away their toddlers bottle or follow on formula or cows milk or dummy or comforter nor do I judge those who choose to formula feed their children of give them cows milk,” she continued.

“I support and empower all mums and I personally believe hatred is so heavy and bad for the soul. I hope by the time Fifi is a mumma people who have chosen to be open about Their breast feeding journey will mean that seeing a picture of a mum feeding their child won’t evoke any reaction and that it is seen only for what it is a mum doing her best.”

She finished her post by calling out those who write hurtful comments on her breastfeeding shots.

“To me there is nothing but love in this photograph and I find is such a shame that it brings out anger in some of you it’s sad for you that that’s how you choose to live particularly those that have made comments trying to sexualise breastfeeding are particularly unwell. I chose love. I want my daughter to grow up in a better world where this is nothing but normal in a better world.”

Tamara also recently revealed that she plans to continue breastfeeding her daughter until her little one decides she wants to stop.

“A lot of people wouldn’t breastfeed now. But it’s so comforting for her and she loves it,” she told Fabulous magazine.

“It’s whenever she is done, but this beast is never going to be done!” she joked.

“The paediatricians say it’s uncommon to go past four years old.”

And Tamara herself isn’t ruling out breastfeeding past that milestone.

“We’ll cross that bridge if it comes to it, but for now she’s my baby,” she explained. “You’re doing something that is so amazing for your child, but it can cause such hostility and anger. It makes me wonder what’s wrong with the world. Breastfeeding is such a natural thing.”

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