Can We Talk About The Black Foundation Shade That's Going Viral On TikTok?

#BeautyTok is an online community where creators share their favorite products, skincare tips and overall beauty hacks. It's also a space where creators call upon beauty brands to address concerns with their products. TikTok influencer Golloria, who is known for her "The Darkest Shade" series, showcasing the darker shade range of complexion products that makeup brands have to offer, posted a video testing Youthforia's Date Night Foundation.

In the post, she swipes on the brand's "600 Deep" shade next to a swatch of black face paint in order to show the comparison of the two shades. In the video, she encourages the brand to lean into creating more undertone options, especially when creating complexion products for those with darker skin tones.  She states that there's space to create more shades between the last shade "600 Deep" and the second-to-last shade "590."

The video sparked a viral conversation in the beauty community about product development, pigments and creating a range of foundation shades that feel inclusive of the various different complexions in the world.

Javon Ford, a cosmetic chemist, stitched Golloria's video with his perspective and took a deep dive into the product's ingredients. He shares that the brand's "600 Deep" shade only contains one pigment, CI 77499, which is a black iron oxide. This makes it difficult to wear on its own or even mix with a lighter shade as it may turn the product gray. Ford also points out that a lighter shade of the foundation contains several pigments like CI 77492, CI 7749 and CI 77499, which are red and yellow additives that help give the complexion product varying undertones.

With posts like Ford's, the beauty community is able to be educated about the chemistry behind some of their favorite products and new brands alike. It's also a way for beauty brands to hear directly from the communities that they're aiming to serve through first-hand feedback from users like Golloria."People with dark skin deserve to be included in the beauty industry," she tells Hypebae.

Her now viral post is a good way for companies to course-correct by engaging directly with the community to come up with a solution. One that's in line with consumers needs and produces a product that inclusive of all of the communities that enjoy the brand.

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