A Tale of Two Jareds: NFL Quarterback Jared Goff Signs With Jared the Jeweler

During the NFL season, Jared, the most upscale of the Signet Jewelers Ltd. divisions, formed a partnership that seemed like a natural for the business.

“We started to notice fans at every Detroit Lions game holding up signs saying, ‘We went to Jared.’ It was a riff on the commercials that Jared used to run, with the tagline, ‘He went to Jared,'” recalled Claudia Cividino, president of Jared. “So we started paying more attention to the team” — and to Jared Goff, the star quarterback of the Lions.

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Just before the NFC championship game on Jan. 28, Jared ran an ad in the Detroit Free Press, celebrating Detroit, the Detroit Lions fans, and Goff. It was 32 years since the Lions had been in the NFL playoffs, and the team made it all the way to the NFC championship but lost to the San Francisco 49ers in an exciting game.

Early Friday morning in Las Vegas, site of this year’s Super Bowl, Goff met with Cividino in a suite at the Four Seasons. She presented Goff with an $11,500 Breitling Super Chronomat watch, and 10 more of the same for Goff to give as gifts to his Detroit Lions linemen. And a partnership was sealed.

“He was really touched by the gift that we chose for him to give to his linemen, and he had no idea that we created special personalized boxes for him. He sat down and signed each of these gifts,” Cividino said. There is an inscription in the box that reads: “Every second of this year was timeless. Thank you for an historic season and bringing gridiron glory back to Detroit. Enjoy this gift by Jared. From your Jared.”

The watches will be sent to the linemen within a week. “There’s going to be other things that we’re going to do together going forward. We’re not going to talk about that right now,” Cividino said. “The partnership has legs. Jared is very excited about this.”

Last year, Jared did a medallion commissioned by the Cleveland Cavaliers pro basketball team to acknowledge its game MVPs, but this year’s sport tie-in is different.

“We share the name Jared but this partnership with the two Jareds is much deeper than that. Jared, the football player, brought a lot of heart to his team and his players, and ultimately to the city of Detroit. There are qualities we think we share as a brand. We connected with him and his sense of humility. He’s hard-working, bright and down-to-earth.”


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