Takis Debuts Spicy Worcestershire-Flavored Chips

Takis Cobra package
Takis Cobra package - Barcel USA

Current fans of Takis, the spicy rolled tortillas chips sold by Barcel USA, have yet another new flavor to embrace in 2024. Following a non-spicy ranch-flavored release in February, the new Takis Cobra chip brings back the heat yet again. A defining characteristic of most Takis chips is their spicy Worcestershire sauce flavor, per a press release.

Snake analogy aside, here are some details about getting your hands, and taste buds, around this new Takis flavor. So far, they come in 9.9-ounce "sharing size" bags. Only one retailer sells them as of May 20, but it's a big one with a presence in 36 U.S. states. That would be Kroger, which holds roughly 2,700 locations under its umbrella of grocery outlets. No worries for spice-thirsty snackers outside Kroger's sprawling reach, as Takis Cobra chips will debut in 3.2-ounce individual sizes at 7-Eleven beginning on July 8.

The official publicity debut of Cobra dazzled the skies of Kroger's home city of Cincinnati on June 6 through June 8, where "hot spot" light projections danced around famed downtown locations, including Great American Ball Park. Back down on Earth, in home kitchens, cars, and couches, snack connoisseurs are already taste-testing the new Takis medium-heat chip flavor, with a sprinkle of comments on the spicy flavor, especially compared to previous Takis iterations.

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Spicy Snackers Weigh In On New Takis Cobra Chips

Takis spicy rolled tortillas chips
Takis spicy rolled tortillas chips - SiljeAO/Shutterstock

Spice lovers apparently have no shortage of love for Takis rolled tortilla chips, as evidenced by the brand taking the No. 9 spot on Tasting Table's 20 Best Chip Brands ranking. Takis are a product of one of the world's biggest baking companies, Grupo Bimbo, and they enter American markets through the U.S. snack division in Coppell, Texas. Established Takis flavors carry flaming names such as Dragon Sweet Chili, Blue Heat, Fuego, and Zombie, among others. That's a lot of heated competition for a newbie, especially one carrying a bold name like Cobra.

With the official Instagram release announcement on June 6, corresponding with the grand light shows in Cincinnati, consumer opinions on the new Takis Cobra chips began trickling in. One person posted that the Cobras tasted like Takis Stix but with less spice and a sweet aftertaste. Another Takis first-responder stated they weren't hotter than Fuego but still packed a nice punch.

YouTube snack reviewers Chris and Vito Frezza had mixed reactions. One cringed and declared, "Bro, I do not like those," before calling it the worst Takis flavor he's ever tasted. His cohort, however, expressed approval. He felt that the snack stays true to the original Takis flavor but with a little more sweetness and hints of lime. Another YouTube reviewer, @guclan3432, called the Cobra chips "alright," rating them a five out of 10.

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