Taco Bell’s Got a Brand New Line of Crave-Worthy Dips You’ve Got to Try

Ready, set, dunk!

<p>Food & Wine / Taco Bell</p>

Food & Wine / Taco Bell

The phrase “We have Taco Bell At Home” has never been more true.

Why wait in line when you can have the Taco Bell experience right in your pantry? Step away from the counter, reverse out of the drive-thru line, and head home to your kitchen, where you should be stocked up on Taco Bell’s convenient grocery market products.

A brand new line of Cravings Dips, created in collaboration with Kraft Heinz, brings the flavors of your favorite Taco Bell menu items into your kitchen. The three new dips include a spicy bean dip, a creamy crunch-dip supreme, and a saucy Mexican-style pizza dip.

Distinguishable from Taco Bell’s other supermarket products — like jarred fire sauce, crispy taco shells, taco seasoning, and more — these dips aren’t intended to help home cooks recreate Taco Bell magic at home, but rather honor the flavors of the chain’s popular dishes by dipping tortillas, chips, or whatever feels right into the spreadable concoctions.

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And unlike Taco Bell’s new Cheez-It menu, which has fans and social media influencers raving about the Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap and Big Cheez-It Tostada, available nationally as of June 6, the Cravings Dips lineup has consumers a little baffled.

When food blogger, Mark Vayntraub — who posts as @markie_devo — announced the drop this week, his fans were split between enthusiasm and confusion. Commenters likened the product to baby food, questioned how to actually enjoy the product, and complained that it’s not the actual Cantina sauces consumers want at home. And there were many more GIF reactions to the unexpected product.

With the price of dining out at an all-time high and typical fast-food consumers opting to eat at home more than going out, it makes sense that Taco Bell would lean into at-home options for fans. Taco Bell’s Cravings Value Menu still offers plenty of items for under $3, including the $1 cheesy roll-up, which may just benefit from some Cravings Dips?

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As fast food restaurants vie for loyalists' return by offering low-priced menu items, Taco Bell may be succeeding with what it already does well.

Taco Bell’s three new cravings dips are far from the only specialty summer condiment Kraft Heinz is squeezing out this summer. This week, the brand announced two limited-edition sauces: Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli. Though they were previously only served at restaurants, the ranch will be exclusive to Walmart and aioli exclusive to Target this season.

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