Tabitha from Bewitched: See how Erin Murphy has changed

Staff writer

The classic late-'60s sitcom Bewitched starred Elizabeth Montgomery as the beautiful and magically gifted Samantha, but a pint-sized co-star made a big impression on viewers: Erin Murphy, who played little Tabitha during the show's 1966 - 1972 run. (Fans with sharp memories will recall that Erin shared the role with her twin sister, Diane, before eventually taking over the whole role as they grew up and started to look less alike.)

If you need a quick refresher, this clip will do the trick:

After Bewitched came to an end, Murphy remained close with Elizabeth Montgomery, who played her on-screen mother. Montgomery passed away in 1995.

As she grew older, Murphy found success as a TV host and correspondent as well as an in-demand infomercial personality. In more recent years, she's appeared on a number of reality shows, and she's also a motivational speaker who works with charity organisations.

Today, Murphy is 55 and the mother of six children. Here's what she looks like these days!

【ギャラリー】Erin Murphy in recent years6