Can’t afford Oakley sunglasses? Here are some RW-approved lookalikes

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Can't afford Oakleys? Shop RW-approved lookalikesHearst Owned

In 2024, the days of utilitarian running wear are behind us, with a host of new independent brands – Soar, District Vision, Represent – championing fashion-forward running fits that seem to be cropping up on everyone's social media feeds. And when it comes to accessories, you might have noticed there's one brand in particular that all the running girlies and guys are wearing: yes, step forward Oakley sunglasses.

These bright, bold and ever-so-slightly obnonxious (What? It’s true) shades are everywhere at the moment. Even RW's latest cover star and Team GB athlete Josh Kerr famously sports a pair on the track, claiming they provide him with a ‘mental edge’.

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Kerr won gold at the 2023 World Championships wearing a pair of Oakley sunglasses.Stephen Pond

Now, we’ve been big fans of Oakley for a number of years at RW — first favoured by the cyclists among the team. From the Radar to the Corridor, the Sutro to the Sphaera, Oakley shades regularly feature in our guide to the best running sunglasses thanks to their impressive lens tech, impeccable lightness and overall first-class fit.

But there is a slight catch. A pair of Oakley sunglasses will set you back around £159 to £230, depending on the line. Yikes. Think of all the energy gels you could stockpile for that.

While some people will still want the real deal – and yes, the fit, comfort and protection is fantastic, so we can’t blame you – not everyone will want to fork out so much for a pair of running sunnies. Thankfully, we’ve hunted down some equally too-cool-for-school shades that capture that iconic Oakley style. Happy shopping.

The Van Rysel name is part of Decathlon's in-house roster of brands and is making serious moves in the cycling world. At just under £40, these are a very good pair of glasses; they fit securely, they're lightweight (33g), the bottomless frames offer a decent range of visibility, and the venting does a fine job of keeping fogging to a minimum. The lens itself is very capable in constant light, but doesn't compare to Oakley's lenses when faced with changing light conditions on varying terrain. However, that's only an issue if you're constantly hitting the trails.

Another pair of shades from Decathlon, these are better suited to smaller or narrower faces. Again, the lens provide 100% UV protection, are anti-fogging and wrap right around the face for full coverage. Bear in mind that these aren't scratch resistant.

Goodr has become extremely popular with runners thanks to their no-bounce fit and scratch-resistant lenses — all for a very appealing price tag. These striking sunnies have a secure wrap shape and special grip features on the frame to keep them in place as you log your miles.

A second entry from Goodr, these are pretty much identical to the shades above, with a fitted, lightweight frame, UV400 polarised lenses and a removable nose piece.

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