Will Sydney Sweeney's extreme slicked back hair be the next viral trend?

It was the LACMA Art & Film Gala on Sunday night - that stands for Los Angeles County Museum of Art, FYI - and Sydney Sweeney was in attendance in full on ballerina mode, bun and all.

We're talking baby pink tights, fluffy tutu skirt and some outrageous feathery sleeves. The only thing missing? Sydney switched up the ballerina flats for a pair of ankle breaking, glittery silver stripper heels.

While Kim Kardashian used the event to turn her root regrowth into a statement, Sydney went for a more extreme take on the slicked back hair trend we've been seeing all over TikTok. You know the videos where someone sprays mousse in the shape of a rainbow from ear-to-ear? Yeah, those ones.

Except, we've never seen anyone slick it back as strongly as Sydney or should that be her hairstylist Glen Coco and assistant Guy Cory.

sydney sweeney ballerina bun
Steve Granitz - Getty Images

Seriously, this might just be the cutest red carpet look ever and we're predicting that Sydney's new 'do is going to be the new viral hair trend that you'll soon be partaking in. After all, if ballet flats can make a comeback why can't ballerina buns?

Paired with some beautiful '60s inspired makeup by Melissa Hernandez (check out those Twiggy inspired bottom lashes), Sydney's baby doll look was complete. Just wait until you see her bun from the back.

We might need a little help getting our recreations that neat, let me tell you.

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