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Switching to a smart kettle could help you make the perfect cuppa and save energy

Smart kettles could save your daily energy consumption. (Getty)

With the rising cost of living, we're always on the lookout for energy-saving tips and tricks. One way you can reduce your energy consumption at home is with your daily brew.

Yes, making a cup of tea may seem small compared to switching on the heating, but your kettle could be costing you more than it should.

Jack McMullon, expert tea buyer and blender at Ringtons, told Yahoo Life UK that switching to a smart kettle could be the answer.

"As the cost of living continues to rise, there are ways to save energy on your brew. It pays to take care of your kit, for example, limescale build-up inside your kettle can impact how quickly it heats up, thus using more energy."

He goes onto say, "If you’re investing in a new kettle, keep your eyes open for a kettle with variable temperatures, a rapid boil time and low minimum fill levels, as this can cut the time it takes to make a single cup of tea."

Smart kettles are wifi-connected appliances that once filled with water, you can remotely switch some of them on to boil water to the optimum temperature for your tea and coffee, without ever needing to get off the sofa.

You can also set a daily schedule for them to boil, which can come in handy if you're a new parent juggling childcare and work, or have very early starts and a hectic day ahead.

Some can even be operated using voice control via Alexa or Google Home.

To help you find the best smart kettle for your kitchen, we've rounded up eight of our top-rated models below.

The best smart kettles to shop now

Sage Stainless Steel Smart Kettle | £99.99 from John Lewis

This chic design from Sage has a 1.7L capacity, is made from durable stainless steel and has five different brew settings to perfect a cup of black, green, white or oolong tea, as well as French press coffee. It will also keep the water warm for 20 minutes after boiling and the soft top lip will help prevent any spillages or splashing.

Swan Alexa 1.5 Litre Smart Kettle | £99.99 from Swan-Brand

This sleek black kettle from Swan can be operated using voice control to rapidly boil next time you fancy a cuppa. In one boil, it can make eight to ten cups, and the stainless steel inner has a 1.5L capacity.

One happy shopper said: "I can have the kettle boiled from my bed in the mornings… or on my way back from work…. Or just when I’m watching tv! It's so convenient for busy lives or for people who just get bored waiting for a kettle to boil! Awesome!"

Bosch Styline TWK8633GB Variable Temperature Cordless Kettle | £65 (Was £69.99) from Amazon

This 1.4L kettle from Bosch has four different temperature settings, from 70 to 100 degrees celsius and is double walled, so it will keep your water hotter for longer. It also boasts a 30-minute keep warm function, a built-in limescale filter for easy cleaning and automatic shut-off, overheat and boil-dry protection.

DREW & COLE Digital Pro 01570 Jug Kettle | £39.99 from Currys

A great affordable find is this design from Drew & Cole. The digital display is a handy feature that will tell you the exact temperature of the water as it boils, which can be adjusted to whichever number you need between 40 and 90 degrees celsius.

Tefal Smart'n Light Kettle, Keep Warm Function | £69.99 from Amazon

Thanks to its digital screen, this Tefal kettle will display the temperature of the water inside, which can range from 40 to 100 degrees celsius. It also offers a 30-minute keep warm function and a cool touch exterior so you'll never burn your hands and its 1.5L capacity is perfect for making tea for all your guests.

Breville Temperature Select Electric Kettle | £69.99 (Was £79.99)

Breville's stainless steel kettle above can make up to eight cups per boil, with an energy-saving temperature tracker that will prevent reboiling. It also has a removable limescale filter, non-slip feet, cord storage and the optimum settings to make a cup of black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong or coffee.

Russell Hobbs Digital Quiet Boil 21040 Jug Kettle | £71.99 from Currys

This is a great entry level smart kettle, which allows you to set the temperature you want it to boil at. It has a generous 1.7L capacity, 360-degree rotational base and anti-limescale filter. As the name suggests, it's pretty quiet too, so won't wake up sleeping partners, babies or pets if you need your morning coffee early.

Smart Kettle by WeeKett | £85.49 (Was £94.99) from WeeKett

This clever kitchen gadget can be controlled via your mobile phone, or through Amazon's Alexa device, so if you're in another room and too busy to hit the switch, it'll start boiling ready for a cuppa. It'll also send you an alert if there's no water or not enough. It allows you to boil water between 40 and 70 degrees celsius and keep it warm for up to an hour after.

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