Switch Up Classic Pizza By Making Vodka Sauce The Star

pizza with vodka sauce
pizza with vodka sauce - Hashem Issam Alshanableh/Shutterstock

Rich, warming, and comforting, digging into a bowl of classic penne alla vodka is an especially cozy dinner option during the colder months. Aside from the booze in question, vodka sauce is essentially a pink sauce, meaning it contains both tomatoes and cream. But what separates this type from other pasta dishes is -- of course -- the alcohol, which intensifies the flavor of the other ingredients, creates a delicious aroma, and helps the tomatoes and cream blend together.

So with all these delicious qualities, why limit your vodka sauce usage to noodles? Another dish that will benefit just as much from this tasty topping is arguably the next-most popular meal where tomato sauce is used: pizza. Sure, pies with traditional tomato sauce are delicious, but this upgraded version will bring a cozy layer of creaminess. Plus, all the other ingredients in vodka sauce will give your pizza some additional flavor: diced onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. By making this sauce the star of the show, you won't need many other ingredients to turn your pie into a tasty, next-level comfort food.

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How To Make Pizza With Vodka Sauce

vodka sauce in a bowl
vodka sauce in a bowl - Michelle Lee Photography/Getty Images

Like we mentioned, pizza alla vodka doesn't need much dressing up, so feel free to keep your toppings simple here. Mozzarella and basil are surefire winners, but stay away from covering the entire surface of the pizza with shredded cheese. Because this sauce is richer and creamier than most from the included cream and butter, smothering it with mozzarella may result in an overly greasy pie. Instead, dot your pizza with pieces of a ripped-apart mozzarella ball that have been patted dry with a paper towel, which will allow the sauce to shine through and remain the star of the show. In the same vein, you'll want to use a little less sauce than you would with marinara to avoid an overly wet pizza -- and to prevent excess liquid even more, strain your crushed tomatoes before you cook them with your vodka.

However, feel free to sprinkle on some parmesan once your dish emerges from the oven. And if you do want a little more substance on your pizza, sprinkle on sliced mushrooms, olives, or pepperoni, keeping in mind that the latter will add some extra oil. You can even add cooked penne noodles right into your vodka sauce before spooning the whole thing on your pie, if you want the best of both worlds. But whether you go light or heavy with your toppings, pizza alla vodka will give your classic pie a deliciously rich twist.

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