For A Sweeter Glaze On Citrus Salmon, Use Orange Instead Of Lemon

Orange-glazed salmon with salad
Orange-glazed salmon with salad - Fudio/Getty Images

At this point, seafood and citrus are a package deal; a zesty bite is expected alongside it, especially when that seafood is a piece of rich salmon. Lemon helps to bring out salmon's tender side, but for a sweeter touch, opt for orange.

No matter which citrus you use, the fruit will brighten up oily fish while tempering the briny flavor, making it taste not as... fishy. Lemons and lime do this quite well, but they pack quite a sour bite. It's for this reason that recipe developer Alexander Roberts calls for oranges in his simple baked honey citrus salmon. While lemons and limes are a little too mouth-puckering, oranges are much more tame in their zest, bringing a pure citrus taste without that sharp bite.

Orange tends to be a dominating flavor, so you don't need to marinate the salmon for too long for the citrus to pack a punch. About 30 minutes is enough for the taste to be present, but you can leave it for longer. Just make sure not to marinate your citrus salmon for too long — letting it sit in acid overnight can lead to mushy salmon. Squeeze the fresh orange juice and sprinkle some of the zest onto the salmon for a soft tang. While our recipe uses honey, oranges pair well with a lot of bold flavors.

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What Can You Pair Orange-Glazed Salmon With?

Glazed salmon with orange slices
Glazed salmon with orange slices - Aelita17/Shutterstock

Oranges have a mellowed out sweetness, allowing it to be paired with flavors that are richer, unlike lemon. Ginger is an excellent match for orange's warmth; the citrus isn't sharp or biting, bringing a balance to ginger's spice rather than heightening it. Blend some chopped ginger with freshly-squeezed orange juice, soy sauce, and honey and coat the salmon in the marinade. Serve this bold, peppery fish with some equally sweet and spicy Hasselback squash.

Ginger brings a fiery flair to oranges, but if you're in the mood for something boozier, orange juice is the key to a perfect honey-brown sugar glaze. Complete with a splash or two of bourbon, fresh orange juice slightly brightens the full-bodied glaze while still maintaining its depth. Opt for a nuttier bourbon to complement all the sweeter flavors from the orange, brown sugar, and honey.

On the other hand, you can always keep things simple by using just some orange, salt, pepper, and a few herbs. The citrus has a lot of nuance to it on its own, and only needs to be bolstered with some aromatics. Pair it with woodsy herbs like rosemary, thyme, and tarragon and roast it for an uncomplicated, yet delicious dinner.

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