Sweaty Betty launches new sports hijab for International Women's Day

sweaty betty launches new sports hijab
Sweaty Betty launches new sports hijab this IWDCourtesy of Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a renowned favourite amongst the Women's Health team, our go-to for sports bras, gym trainers and everything in between. The brand's newly launched Power Pro range shot straight to the top of our must-have list, closely followed by the new and improved Gaia yoga collection, though it will be hard to top our trusty old Sweaty Betty leggings we find ourselves reaching for again and again.

But, it seems re-design is a common theme at Sweaty Betty HQ following the announcement they are launching a new sports hijab. And right in time for International Women's Day.

With the aim of inspiring inclusion and empowering women and girls to get active, the new launch – a joint effort between the UK sports brand and the Sweaty Betty Foundation – has been re-designed to better suit those that want to preserve their modesty while moving.

sweaty betty launch a new sports hijab
Courtesy of Sweaty Betty

Blending fashion with function, the new sports hijab features hidden banding so that it stays put even with active movement. In addition, different magnetic fastenings offer the wearer multiple ways to wear the hijab, so it fits their own personal style and provides a safe solution for those wanting modest wear during sports and activities.

The latter point something that was repeatedly raised in conversations between The Sweaty Betty Foundation and teenage girls across the UK, including a group from Leeds Girl Can. It was found the hijab can be a barrier to girls participating in sports, with some schools deeming it ‘unsafe’ to wear and requiring school girls to remove their hijab in PE lessons.

The re-design also follows a report published by England's largest Muslim women's sports charity, Muslimah Sports Association (MSA), in 2023 that found 97% of the British Muslim women surveyed wanted to increase their current participation in sports, while 37% were not currently involved in any sports or activities. Similarly, research carried out by Sport England in 2019 found that Muslim women are more likely to be inactive (doing less than 30 minutes of moderate activity per week) than other women.

'It is vital that girls feel confident, safe and comfortable when taking part in sports and physical activity. By redesigning the Sports hijab, more girls will be able to lead active, healthy, and happy lives,' says Afsana Lachaux, Director of the Sweaty Betty Foundation.

All profits from the sales of the sports hijab, as well as the profits of an exclusive long-sleeve Breathe Easy Top, will be donated to the Sweaty Betty Foundation. In addition to the profits, the Foundation will also be donating a set number of hijabs every year to girls across the UK to empower and inspire them to get active.

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