Sweat Patches No More! Incredible New Technology For Keeping Composed At Work

Uh oh.

Your boss has called a meeting to discuss that unfortunate photocopier incident from last Friday.

Even the thought of facing the firing squad for a silly prank has got you breaking out in a bead.

Have no fear, SmartWeave is here!

An incredible new technology, that took scientists eight years to formulate, has arrived in the form of a rather spiffy work shirt.

The principle is pretty simple - SmartWeave clothing draws moisture away from your body, feeding it along a pre-determined path, which means the sweat doesn't have a chance to pool around the armpits, or in the dreaded underboob area.

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So you can put on that fixed, supplicant smile and pretend you know absolutely nothing about who put copies of their naughty bits in everyone's pigeon holes, or why there was a half empty beer found beside the watercooler, without worrying that your shirt-stains are going to give you away.

Sweating is a bit like going for a number two - women are supposed to pretend it doesn't happen to them.

Unfortunately for everybody involved, it does. And it's not very fun.

Sometimes anti-perspirants just don't work and powdery deodourants can make sweat patches even more obvious (cheers for that guys).

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Marks and Sparks tried to create this sort of sweat dispelling workwear last year, but with little success, so the SmartWeave solution seems pretty alluring, even if the thought of spreading sweaty fluids all over your torso sounds a bit gross.

The shirts have been designed for both men and women, in a number of colours and styles.

Have a look at the collection HERE.

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