Swap Cucumbers With Strawberries In Your Tea Sandwiches For An Unforgettable Summer Snack

Tea sandwiches with fruit
Tea sandwiches with fruit - Edgunn/Shutterstock

Move over cucumbers there is a new fruity filling in town for your favorite tea sandwiches. This little switch-up is going to transform the taste of these finger foods, and give you more options for where and how you serve them. Instead of layering cucumbers on slices of bread with the crusts removed and slathered with cream cheese, take advantage of in-season summer fruits and slice up strawberries to turn classic cucumber sandwiches into a refreshingly sweet treat.

When making tea sandwiches, you may think using fruit is a little unconventional, but adding strawberries is reminiscent of jam pennies which use butter and fruity preserves. Not to mention, the late Queen Elizabeth was said to have loved them. This swap is so easy. To create your filling, add cream cheese to both sides of crustless bread and sprinkle on a little basil or mint, and then layer on your thinly sliced strawberries. You could also add a drizzle of citrus infused-honey. Put the two slices together, slice them into whatever size you want, and serve. It's that easy.

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Fruit Sandwiches Are Perfect For A Cocktail Party

sandwich with fruit
sandwich with fruit - Chiristsumo/Shutterstock

If you like the way strawberries taste on your tea sandwiches, chop up those blackberries, raspberries, and cherries to create a variety of berry-based options to please a crowd. Or consider crushing some of those berries right into the cream cheese and spread the combination onto your bread. Part of the fun of berry tea sandwiches is how you can layer other flavors with them. Try adding some tangy and sweet lemon curd right on top of the cream cheese before adding the blueberries or strawberries for a truly delicious bite.

You can also swap out the cream cheese for whipped cream and create something more in line with the tradition of the Japanese fruit sando. This will give your tea sandwiches more of a dessert vibe that even the kiddos will love. These fruity and sophisticated sandwiches are perfect for pairing with sparkling wine for an evening soiree, with a tall glass of iced tea for lunch, or freshly squeezed simple and classic lemonade for a weekend brunch.

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