Sustainable Kitchen Swaps

Discover easy sustainable kitchen swaps for your household, helping the environment and your wallet. In this video we look at sustainable storage solutions, greener ways to clean and plastic straw alternatives.

Video transcript

- Here are three quick kitchen swaps you can make to save money and be more sustainable at home. First up, Ziploc bags. Many of us have a giant pile of Ziploc bags in a kitchen drawer that we regularly use in day-to-day life. Sadly, they often end up in our bin or recycling box after one use. Swapping to reusable silicone bags might be your answer, as they are non-toxic, last a long time, and are even heat-resistant. Hello, popcorn.

Next up, kitchen roll. With the cost of kitchen roll now rising at an alarming rate, many are now looking for an alternative to save money and reduce waste. Buying yourself a set of washable microfiber cloths is a great solution. These will save you money in the long term and can be washed multiple times for reuse.

Finally, plastic straws. Many of us are already aware of the devastation plastic straws can cause to the environment. In fact, the UK consumes approximately 8.5 billion plastic straws per year. Swapping to metal or silicone straws for kids at home is a great substitution.