Susie Lau’s Christmas gift guide

 (ES Magazine)
(ES Magazine)

1. HERMÈS Hermèsistible lip gloss in Rouge Amarelle

The only acceptable lip gloss in my book. Non-sticky and doesn’t give me awkward flashbacks to hair getting stuck on lips on bad dates. £44 (

2. COURTHOUSE INTERIORS Love in Bloom kintsugi heart vase

Emo metaphor aside, I love kintsugi ceramics, a Japanese technique of using broken pieces to make something new. £185 (

3. GEORGINA LEUNG art prints

Georgina Leung is an ace tattoo artist but I’m needle-averse, so her cute illustrations inspired by Hong Kong are the next best thing. From £25 (

4. BURBERRY Thomas Bear motif vintage check booties

Automatically putting cute animal faces on their feet is just what you do when you have a newborn. £200 (

5. MORI The Very Hungry Caterpillar zip-up sleepsuit

Because my child is in projectile wee/poo mode, all I want is an infinite supply of zipper sleepsuits. Baby Mori does the softest ones that wash well. £34.50 (

6. HAPPIEST BABY Sleepea 5-Second baby swaddle

Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle equals sleep, sleep, sleep. Babes can’t wriggle out of these Sleepea ones. £32.95 (

7. FORIVOR The Space Above The Ground quilted blanket

Forivor does such beautiful and fantastical storybook blankets and duvets — actual heirloom items that would be great for kids of all ages. £140 (

8. MIU MIU satin ballerinas Now that I’m back to my normal post-pregnancy shoe size I want my non-swollen feet in these please. In all colours. £690 (

9. MOLLY GODDARD Maren cardigan

I’m always partial to a good cardi or knit that I imagine cosying up in at country pubs. £580 (

10. MARC JACOBS Multi Buckle Kiki boots I haven’t towered in mega platforms in a while. I imagine I’ll stack it on the Tube in these at some point next year. £610 (