Susanna Reid laughs at wardrobe malfunction moments before going on air

Susanna Reid said Ed Balls had to help her with an emergency outfit cover up moments before going live on Good Morning Britain.

Video transcript

- It's amazing what you can do in terms of, you know, activity in a outfit and still manage to emerge serene.

SUSANNA REID: What are you referring to?

- I just think that's a very nice brooch you're wearing this morning.

SUSANNA REID: Oh yeah, I had a bit of an outfit-- wardrobe crisis this morning. Put an outfit on that seemed to blend into the background. So the director with two minutes to spare said, is there anything else in your wardrobe? So-- so at two minutes to 6:00, nipped into the wardrobe, found this, didn't realize it needed a bit more buttoning up.

- I have never ever read--

SUSANNA REID: And it was adorned with--

- --out news headlines from the auto cue while simultaneously trying to zip you from the back. And there was a team of eight sorting out Susanna's dress.

SUSANNA REID: There wasn't a team of eight. There was a team of one.

- Maybe 12. Maybe 12.

SUSANNA REID: So it was-- it was wonderful Holly-- congratulations-- in wardrobe who managed to do a cover up. So if you are wondering why this dress has suddenly acquired a brooch, it was because it was a-- it was a last minute cover up job. Well done, Holly.