Susanna Reid defends Fiona Bruce over Stanley Johnson comments

Speaking on GMB, Susanna Reid said it was 'outrageous' that Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce was being held personally responsible for her comments about Stanley Johnson, saying that the BBC host was 'contextualising' the allegations.

Credit: 'Good Morning Britain' / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

SUSANNA REID: It was incumbent on Fiona Bruce--

- Yeah.

SUSANNA REID: --as the host of that panel to, as she says, contextualize it.

- And can I just say, Susanna, I've actually seen this in the last year, which I'd never experienced before. When you do that, which is put the other side, which is our responsibility when we're doing the roles we're playing, you get these [INAUDIBLE] on social media, where people assume that if we say that, that's because what we believe.


- And that's what happened to Fiona Bruce. She wasn't saying that she believed that. She was saying that is what the other side said.

SUSANNA REID: So she very clearly says in that clip that she is contextualizing it and giving the right of reply. She wasn't arguing with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. I think it's outrageous that she is being held personally responsible for those words.

- She's attempting to step back now from a charity she's involved with, to do with domestic violence.